Thursday, February 28, 2013


Some say the greatest gift of being is knowing there is more than one of your kind sharing your tragedy, happiness & whatever come what may

There is a tinge of irony on how i met all my closer friends, some were friends of friends and things took off and our friendship took a new height. Some friends didnt came close to your heart but so often their friends do.... the joy of friendship comes with the gift of multiplication, for every friend you call dear there will be a few times more coming... and the bond feelin linger in the air as it spread onto new people you now call friends. 

As i begin to adjust myself to becoming a more positive, happy & better thinking person, my appreciation of as-is matters begin to take double take.... not once had i look at a situation that i disagree, only to have myself agreeing to it when i choose to take it on another view.    As i garner the strength to change my view on something i disagree, i am thankful for all the otherwise opinion given by others around me to push me forward.    This activites has brought me so many new friends that i found it hard to stop my "sparing-a-thought" exercise. 

Two friends of my boyfriend n i grew closer as we know each other.   What started out as buddies of Rodman are now my confiding girl pals whom i turn to when i needed an opinion, especially torwards matter relating to Rodman. They were his age, slightly older but very welcoming to me, and as we begin to know each other more, we started hanging out- sometimes without Rodman.. just us ladies... 
on this day, Rane took MQ & i to a japanese restaurant she raved about. It is located in M hotel just beside a pub. The ambience & location is something i really like about this place, for the quiet corners & soft spoken staff makes the cosy place a good choice for gossiping girls like us. 
Furthermore, their cutlery are place in a way i would identify as being "simple"... it makes the dining experience less stressful than the one where we  fuss about dining ettiquette using all the foreign looking forks & spoons placed on the table. 

there was hardly any awkward moments with these ladies, i love to hear their takes on matters, love & life. More importantly, Rodman absolutely approves of our meetups because he knew for sure they have all sorts of praises for him when we spoke. 

From their persistence & integrity on the table to vouch for his good characters, till their much spoken good words of their buddy Rodman, i feel happy knowing my boyfriend can get his "mystery-about-Kristal-and-all-other-females" problem solved with their help. They were special friends of ours i would say, on one hand they are doing all they could to make me feel assure my boyfriend is a great man, and on the other hand they are encouraging Rodman & spurring him on to treat me better & better. How can i ever thank them enough?


i have spoken endless love for my cousins & their gift of staying by my side since forever. what is even more magical about them all is how my mum's sides of the cousin know pretty much everything & everyone on my dad's side of the cousin..   They hang out together sometimes so its good to say we are all part of a huge family circle:)

i am particularly closer to my cousins around my age becuase of the bond we have over hanging & HTHT.  They are my pillar of strength when i needed some & i'll do the same for them. 
cuzzie is the largest piece of pie in my family circle, when i was younger every bit of her action & life affect me pretty badly. Times when we stop talking i either lost sleep or grew really upset. Now that we have all grown up, i am just super glad she is still around, though we dont meet or stay over as much as we use to...   above all else, she is miraculously updated with my life & ongoings whenever i babble off my current life and she does hers...    sometimes i secrely think we are living in each other's body somewhere experiencing all the "now" so the updates comes easier than it seem to. 
i am not really a korea food fan because i hardly eat that much meat to fancy them, when i was first introduce to them i didnt hear about the pork belly or tongue that was exceptionally good. The fact that i didnt eat beef previously also didnt help. But a korea BBQ once in a long while sets off the craving. Especially one that comes with authentic tools & staff serving & speaking in korean. I am glad Cuz took control & order most of the food, which taste really really good that i knew i will be heading back pretty soon :)
i really like how my cousins fuss over the food while i sit down like a big shot waiting to be fed. This despite me being the oldest among us all. I guess with age you really just stop growing after 21.  As soon as i turn 21 i no longer who was older and who has to act the role of the jiejie or korkor, the gentlemen do the stuff the gentlemen do while the rest who cares just act upon what they feel was good... 

My cousin are also the shy-iest of the people i hang out with when it comes to gift buying, they are always afraid watever they got me will be something i wont like so they have been wrong cos i havent quite feel so. This year they got me a clutch that was so pretty i didnt dare use all CNY, i was ready to use them next year:)  i love them soooo much!


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