Friday, February 22, 2013


You are the wind, when you dissapear into courtship, 
You are the jelly, all soft & unstable when you pour your heart & cry
You are the knight who inspired me to shield the armor against the enermy
You are the next-door-neighbor, the one i expect to see if i plan a day out shopping

Then you are the genie, who suggest what to eat for lunch at work
you are the noble mum, when i whine that i wanna be a kid again
you are the kid, haha, when you set out shopping with something to buy
you are the lawyer, when we debate over a disagreement

You are the text message, the daily quotes to continue the day 
You are the calendar, the one who schedule everything way in advance
you are the imaginary friend, where i make up stories& adventures with
You  are the make believe, the one with endless stories to tell

You are my gossip magazine, the one i get updates from 
You are also the secret blogspot, the one i post secrets to
You are the weirdo, the one that changes your theories by the minute
You are the doctor, who prescribe painkiller to my broken heart

You are the success that you see urself to be
you are that legend i'll tell my grandchildren about
You are my boyfriend's enemy, he knows about ur presence
You are my Dad's idol, you know what i mean.. 


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