Saturday, February 09, 2013

bangkok- day 3

Continuing on my bangkok trip 9-12feb2013 with limited budget & endless fun :)

day 3 didnt turn up all that great, i had made great effort to planning our itinerary so bbbb & i can stick to our short stay and checked all our targeted location. 

The plan was to hit out the malls at MBK & walk to Siam Square to check out the arty-farty street where i previously secure quite a few stunning purchases. 

This time however, the SOL along siam streets are undergoing reno, it was a huge disappointment becuase we didnt manage to get much (but still quite a handful) from there.. 

If you are staying within vicinity of Pratunan street, challenge yourself to walk to MBK & siam because it is only a good walk ahead and the bridges are so well linked in bangkok that you do not have to worried about being caught in the heavy traffic

Along with a SmartRunner device loading our journey, bbb and i clock about 1.6Km walk Through to MBK.

To locate the mall, from where-ever you are in Pratunam street, look out for the Amari hotel, walk towards the hotel and now look for the Paragon Mall, as long as you are on the bridge beside Paragon Mall, you can :-
  1. pray at the 4-face buddha temple that every tourist visit during their stay in BKK
  2. head to Paragon & the newly open mall - terminal21
  3. reach Siam by following the sign board that hangs on ceiling every 500metres walk on the bridge
  4. reach MBK by heading to the train station, you cannot miss the huge mall when you are in Siam Street

no picture of the malls along siam street, i was very disppointed after all that walking to find the shops undergoing renovation or closed

Lunch that afternoon was settled at a street hawker we "anyhow" pick.... i wanted to find the street pushcart that sells the beef ball noodle but it was nowhere to be found....    Fortunately for us both, the street hawker food tasted soooo good we had no regrets. Bbbbb accidentally orders a pork dish with gravy that tasted like Marmite, i was in love with it i salvage every bit.... the lunch came to less thatn S$6 and then we headed to MBK. 

Again no pic of MBK becuase it has failed us - again...... seriously gonna reconsider heading to this place the next time i pop over to BKK.... empty handed & disappointed, we took a long walk (probablly another 2km) walk back to Pratunam street, chatting hand in hand and feeling still blessed with each other's company... 

Not long after - i am back to my favorite Platinum mall (feels like home.. haha)
treated myself to a banana chocolate crepe after all that walking... mad tired actually
very amused by the prints on the packaging, i made it out to be a fish & butterfly =))
all the awesome goodness for S$1.... man i miss bangkok
bbb taking a unglam pic of me, which i have taken huge courage to post here.. haha

we shopped around Platinum (which was not in my itinerary but ----zzz anyway.... )  and then board a cab to head to Bobae Market 

i  shall not fill you in on this place because i was disappointed- yet again !!~
relaxing on the cab, our driver was a honest man who did not overcharge, and we saw from this identity picture that use to work in the military in bangkok. Thou we did not communicate , it was a relieve boarding his cab to head to the foreign place we both know not many tourists will head to. 
streets of bangkok while on board the cab
my proud glossary of the place we have to visit during our bangkok stay, that is a image of Bobae Market we are heading to/

and just when we thought our luck is changing for the better.. we got drop off by the cabbie half way on the road, he was honest that he did not know the exact location and he did not want to drive us in circle, BUT this was indeed the "Bobae street" except he wasnt exactly sure where the Bobae Market was.. 

Sigh... first downturn in the foreign land... we got off the cab, bbbb grab my hand and carry our shopping bags, then we cross the vehicle infested road and stare blanky not knowing where to head next. 

But we were up for adventure & i trusted my positivity to bring us good deals, we agreed on a direction i remember seeing someone carrying a bag full of shopping and then we set off in that same direction, turnin our head left & right hoping to catch similar image to the one ive printed... 

Atlas, our positivy DID lead us to the correct spot
but the market is CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! why GOD?!!!!!!!!!!!

shock as i was, i apologize to bbb who took it without saying much... we thought of checking out the new street but there REALLY wasnt much to see with the market now close..... 

However, as we walk on, we came to a stall seeing lotsa of supplies to set up a business, not like we really need it but it was still a useful source to take note of (mannequins, invoices, hangers, display bars, plastic bags, paper carrier, wrapper... etc etc)...... the staff are also very friendly, cahtting with us and telling us to return to this place only in the mornign.. 

turns out Bobae Market operates starting from 3am in the night (men, these thai are super hardworking #icanteven)....... and it last till 4pm before they close business for the day.... sigh... i miss it slightly by 15 min... 

fifteen minutes to witness a new location not yet infested with us tourist =(((((

after purchasing a luggage from the friendly staff  (for S$16 for such a HUGE bag it was TOTALLY worth it) ... we stood on the street determine to grab a cab back to pratunam (where my heart belongs)... but after what seems like eternity.... we still couldnt grab a cab... 

  1. because we were stuck in the middle of a empty streets
  2. because the vehicle-infested  street are great opporunity for tuk-tuk to "tok" us tourist
  3. because not one cabbie agree to use a "meter" during traffic jam
man.. i miss my honest cab driver... 

angry & disappointed, we had to give in to a tuk-tuk driver who quoted us THB100 to head back to pratunam (took us only THB25 to head here earlier)

on the tuk tuk we paid thrice the price for =(((
huge & value for money luggage we got at only S$16 
the boyfriend holding on to my hand tight as the tuk tuk swive in and out of the heavy traffic & speeding at great speed .... 
the boyfriend with his other hand gripping tight to the tuk tuk for his dear life... 

and me being me, always up for adventure capture all these moments with the risk of the camera flying off my hand with each "jam-brake:" the driver did plus his speeding..... hahahha

and that ends the journey to bangkok since i stop taking picture for day4, it was all shopping n silly to take picture of the same street we visit... all in all we shop about30kg worth of clothes

that is 30KG worth of clothes i kid you - not..... we agreed to bring only clothes we are willing to throw away so i date say we return with nothing we pack at the start, and the luggage still cost us a heavy 30kg with all that shopping.... 

and that is how much i LOVE bangkok (and how STRESS bbbbb gets knowing he has to chaperone me while i get the "shopping errand " done =))   love you darby


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