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Bangkok - Day 2

i am back to update more on the bangkok (9-12 feb2013) that was aim to be all fun, all pocket friendly and fufilling.

Mr Gumpy unlike his usual self, at 10pm BKK time (11plus Sing) you can expect me to be extrmely grumpy n sleepy. This time, however, he was all hype & funny as we made lotsa re-routing while i "insist" i know my way around little Pratunam. Dinner was settled at a local eatery (we continue eating their dinner for the next dinner because it tasted really really good). 

i cant exactly navigate how we came to this place but it is a straight ahead walk from our hostel and about 3 streets away. The boss has a very sweet & cute toddler that runs in and out of the shop all day long... they serve BBQ seafood by the entrance and it opens all day into the midnight... extremely affordable, abundane of varieties & taste much much better than the other thai restaurant we've visit whenever we have our thai-craving. 
bb all awaken that morning, and beaming with joy as i finally fulfil my promise to let him try the "best wanton mee ever on earth"

it must have been a good 7 years since i last ate this and it tasted still soooo good, thank God for Internet, instagram & helpful follower who had guided me to the exact location where i can locate my once-in-a-lifetime must try delicacy
failing to blend like the local and dressing up to look like a tourist who had just stepinto Bangkok, this pic depict a typical touristy outfit if u ask me. 
all too excited (so glad we got the thai sim card) ... bbb and i took our time to instagram our excitement and anticipation for the noodle as we waited
seriously, who can resist this? and who can only stop at one bowl? its a 3 bowl affair for every of our visit to Sabx2 wanton mee.. 

after breakfast comes serious work, no picture otherwise it wouldnt be all "serious" hahaha
food again!! taking a break in between all that shopping with a slice of cake & coffee from Black Canyon... 
we love the food from Black Canyon we have visit both the SG/BKK branches!
evident i might have over-bought, and a slightly out-of-place "fragile" sticker placed onbbbb's Little Barney (his purple luggage)
bbb trying to force a smile after all that shopping, and then finally reveal his explosive (exaggerated) realization that his girlfriend had bought over 7Kg worth of shopping within 2 hours!
slightly tired looking me enjoying my cake & a tired bbbb dazing into blank space.

and before you know it (guys will hate this)  we are OFF shopping again!
outside the streets of Platinum mall, at the extended area.
more picture of food #yetAgain.. i seem to only remember whipping out the camera before every bite.

This is a tiny samosa (shaped like a curry puff) that we have gotten from push cart store outside our hostel, there were about 3 of them selling at only S$0.80/.... tasted very good considering we had spend almost the last 8 hours walking & shopping....    bbb needed that energy boost. 
us purchasing the ticket to board the airport link to before changing to the BTS to Saphan Thaksin station (we were heading to meet Penn to tour around Asiatique -our first time there)
waiting for the train and taking great interest to the tiny effiel tower we spotted on top of a building.
bbbb was amused at the chip we were given that works just like our ez-link!
Mr Impatient mimicking the station control guard

Mr extremely Impatient ate up the passenger on board
mandatory touristy shot with the train signboard
while awaiting Penn & her SG friends to meetup at the train station

The shuttle boat to shuttle us to Asiatique is a close walk from the train station, for first-timer like me, all you have to do is "follow-the-crowd".. and if all else fail - approach the station control and they will pronouce Asiatique better than you can ever imagine!
Queueing very orderly while awaiting the shuttle boat, you will hear the in-charge shouting something "xxxxxxxxx Asiatiquexxxxx" while the other port shouted something else, look for the signboard or hear clearly for directions. Penn translate the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx i was hearing into "queue single file, stand orderly"

Man, those in charge are fierce.. hahaha
Extremely important from a local like Penn, once you board the shuttle boat ALWAYS head for seats on the left aisle this amazing view will be COMPLETELY block by the standing passenger if you are sitting on the right... 

and thankfully for this amazing people, i manage to capture the beauty of the standalone beauty island. 
arriving at Asiatique, distinctively identified by their huge signboard & ferris wheel
unfortunately with our tight budget we did not manage to grab much at the area, i would say it is a much much pricier shopping area in comparison with Pratunam Heaven. 
famished but all too keen to eat local food - we decided to fill up our stomach with some small bites. 

IF you are heading to Asiatique remember to give the Kebab a try, it taste really good and the staff are friendly too (if not for the slightly pricier price tag i might just grab another one haha)

So with no intention to spare extra over there, we decided to do what we like doing best - FOOLING ArOUND (er-hem.. not with each other.. )
Man, i love this guy ---> he makes me laugh... 

and he attracted so much laughter that tourists wear taking picture of him too... hahahha

Not soon after we came, we had to leave for our next destination "Saphun Phat night Market":

it was an orderly queue again (Kudo to the Thai) before we head back to the jetty
we took a cab over to Saphan Phut Night Market 

disclaimer : do not attempt to travel to this night market alone for the streets are extremely quiet and dangerous at night. On top of that, the streets are brisking with business ONLY PAST 11pm (12 midnight sIngapore time), pickpockets are expected and the streets is also infamously known for their 2nd hand merchandises & pornography collection... be sure to check carefully (price tag intact, item looks brand new not washed, more than one sizes are available, comes with plastic packaging) before making your purchases. 

To summarize, if you are up for the challenge (like we both are )  Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge Market) is a extremely affordable place to hang out after midnight, the clothes are relatively cheaper (somewhat not so trendy, but the lingeries are good purchases, JEANS ARE SOOOOOOO AFFORDABLE AND GOOD QUALITY)  & the street foods taste good too!

We got slightly taken aback by the huge pornography collection widely sold on the streets thou. Ladies be sure to travel this place safely with a male companion. the vendor are sitted on  the makeshift tanning chair they brought to the ground, so dress safely to avoid any accident (upskirt moments will be inevitable since the road are bumpy so many times, shoppers have to walk on the upper pathway while the vendor relax & rest by the lower pathway)

that sums up the "same same but different" expereince we had for Day 2.... that night we crash and comatose into deep sleep.. 


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