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brussel sprout 2013

[[heavily picture loaded post]]

Paperstop plan a unique experience for my birthday meetup in 2013.  It was an unforgetable day because of the surprising elements she had in mind.... i was told to report at 6.15pm by the station and we took a train to who knows where..    i was told to drop off when we reached.. 
when us two ladies meet, it usually endless pictures taking of each other and then comparing the camera to see who took a better shot.... 

We started out as colleagues in our previous company and the other ladies had to warn us to stop cam-whoring & eat our food during lunch time... amazingly with that little food we eat when we meet, she is a size zero & i am that much bigger... hmmmmmm
as it turns out Paperstop had done her homework pretty well (except maybe the directions.. we had our little hiccups - as usual)... we finally arrived at Brussel Sprouts & was brought to our sits because she had done a reservation earlier!    Very gentlemen move you have there young lady... bet you learn it from a gentleman  haha
the food served at brussel Sprout are awesome, Paperstop did a research earlier & confirm their mussel was worth the try. We had a choice to taste unlimited amount of Mussels but we pick the single portion instead because i didnt feel we can finish that much food. The fries served were ok-tasting but dont be fooled by the "free-flow" option because the crowd comes around dinner time and by then you'll fine it impossible to get a refill done. (besides, their food comes in huge portion there really wasnt much appetite left for fries if you ask me)

One of the main reason i got my camera was due to its self-shot function, and this is one great moment that the camera was put to good use, just look at the amount of self shot we took.. 
coincidently both of us came in the same shade :)
lotsa of chatting, very little eating, busy crowd & fantastic music in the house... Even the staff were getting high, cheering on customer to order beer during happy hour, special happy hour.. and all sorts of excuses.. 
too soon, Paperstop had to pop over so we can take our pictures better.. i notice we have the almost same hair color.. haha
the picture taking simply wont stop.. we could be talking serious, but our finger continue clicking away.. 
she said this could be the lowest shoulder she ever had to lean on... but did it anyway..... i like us together... she make a great friend.
what happens when we ran out of poses... it gets geekier.. hahhaa.. 
i think we took alot of pictures that even the table behind us was astonish... at one point you even hear them giggling, laughing at us, but it was the embarressment we felt from being laughed at. 

With close friends anything is do-able, possible, so much so that #notAsingleF***WasGivenThatDay

Then the tricky part came, i think we stayed long enough that the food was beginning to feel less tasty, or edible. i look over to Paperstop and said "shall we get the bill? we could continue our camwhoring elsewhere" 
she said" not yet, there is this thing i wanna show you"  (that "thing" was never found.. wonder why) then she call for the waitress & whisper to her..   without suspecting too much i continue our camwhoring.. 
eventually, Paperstop's plan got screwed up because 
1. the reservation was done in advance with a special arrangement, which didnt take place BECAUSE we hadnt spoke to the correct person (like duhz... we were suppose to recognize someone by their voice?!)
2. the waitress she call on to serve the surprise did not get her msg - via whisper
3. the waitress took out a piece of napkin & ask her to write on the napkin... i wonder what she was asking for.. 
4. the waitress got more confuse when i piece everything together & told Paperstop it wasnt worth her anger that her surprise got screwed, and i told the waitress i dont need it anymore

Well... nothing to complain about because i could tell they were genuinely apologetic when they found out the "surprise" was meant for me, who had caught them dumbfounded. Eventually Paperstop requested for my surprise to be served.. anyway... and the waitress pats us on the shoulder and promise the night wouldnt get any worst.. haha.. i really like her "ok.. we make a mistake.. but screw that..we'll bring you MORE fun" kind of attitude.... 
and this... *sobx..sniff..sobx..sniff*  was surprise PaperStop had called to arrange for earlier.... WHY YOU SO NICE TO ME MINNIE MOUSE#1?!!!!!!!!!!!!
the crew got together & make an annoucement that it was my birthday, then they proceeded to sing a brazilian version (by so i meant the whistle, dancing, clapping version) of Happy birthday.... i was embarress.. but i was giggering too much to care.. i was actually HAVING FUN.... and Paperstop did a marvellous job i dare say.. 
after they sang the song, i tot all was over & thank them all for the lovely surprise.... then Paperstop & i took a picture of the cake.. make a wish & blew out the candle... before Ms "promise-more-fun" returns & throw me my next challenge.. 
my astonish face, all too scare to know what is in for me... a staff pops over & explain the game... 

look at the genuine pleasure look PAperstop had on her face, knowing fully well i was going to embarress myself for the challenge... 

i shall not go into details how the game was played, all you need to know was the shot glass contain whip cream+some mix "juices" and the game was call "BLOWJOB"
yup.... i did it! with encouragement, cheering & jeering from my beloved friend, just look at her amusement face... classic...... man... i felt so brave... must be the mussels.. 
me and my cake that came tooooooooo differently.. 
tasted yummy too.. even the font were tasty.
the young lady who had made it possible.. 3Q sweetheart!
one last shot of us at Brussel Sprout.. and we call an end to our dinner date... 

and you thought that was all?
of course not.. haha.. 

not too far from the diner was where the colorful bridge stands (Paperstop & i prefer to call it the ugly bridge, and reckon the only reason why its a happy bridge is because of how silly it looks.. and that makes us both happy)
making full use of the spot light by the bridge
you look stunning minnie mouse
and becuase we couldnt bear to say goodbye... here's lot more
this series of pictures here make me smile ... i know i will look back at the album & recall this day where i had so much fun with you.. 

thank you minnie mouse.. i appreciate how much you have put into our friendship.. cheers to all that years ahead we are gonna have to put up with each other.... i love you Minnie mouse :)


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