Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner and Dance 2010

The company i am working for has a annual dinner and dance and each year, the theme is something all of us look forward to. As far as i can recall, during my stay here... we've cover Bollywood, Shanghai night as well as this year - RETRO

Paperstop and i were appointed to be part of a performance under all songs by Grease The Movie. Here's both of us waiting at the changing area getting ready for final rehearsal.

Since no one's here at the arranged time, we had the whole room to ourselves and here's us camwhoring in the outfit we worn before the rehearsal.

holding to PaperStop's retro bag

Olden days photoshoot....

The table we sat at after the performance, here are some of my colleagues at work.

Doing our rehearsal... we were calefare to the HR manager, She plays Sandy in the Grease Movie.

PaperStop and i bought the same outfit for this performace (damn zhuan ye can!~!~)
By chance, we were both addicted to the Thai student attire and therefore decided to get a full set for each of us. Back to School!!~~~

Some accessories provided at the cocktail pre-party before the actual dinner

My closest cliques at work...

Crazy Hair - wig

Change into our REAL RETRO outfit after the performance

i made them into retro pic.......... did you get the feeling?

the "look-forward" gift at every dinner and dance.. teehee

the night soon ended with bbbbbbbbbbbb fetching me... the dinner and dance was definitely one of the most unforgettable ever and definitely my most enjoyable moment with the company.



Anonymous said...

sweetie.. i miss u.. i got myself into shit again.. jann

Chng Kristal said...

Here for u, text u already=]