Saturday, December 25, 2010


It was all worthwhile celebrating with bbbbbbbbbb and his pals, friends and family.. We had a couple of parties and it was all fabulous! Christmas exchange was fun too, thanking everyone who stood by us and enjoy this once-a-year-event, 2010 is finally coming to and end....

Standing on top is Eddy, bbbbbb's sis' bf
Besides me are two of bbbbbbbbbbbb's sister, Cheryl and Charmaine...

It was party at his cousin place, the food was tastingly fabulous! They had hire an indian chef who had prepared the most awesome prata one can ever had! That night, bbbbbbbbb's sis and me share a prata-plaster, kosong prata, egg prata paired with fish curry and curry chicken..

We had a gift exchange and the person with the larger number gets to exchange their present! bbbbbbbbbbbbbb was lucky he was the last few.

The christmas tree was beautiful!!!~
everyone was eyeing some of the better present and hoping to exchange them when their chance arrived!! Presenting the lucky few last drawer!

Silly bbbbbbbbb gotten himself a bottle of wine but we exchange it for a watch i really wanted!

bbbbbbbbbbbbbb's lil sis Charmaine kept for herself a Elaine Paige CD!

i've gotten a box of chocolate which i later swop away!

It was fabulous christmas 2010 for both of us and hope everyone else enjoyed theirs too!

Here's wishing everyone who knew us the best of luck, may the brand new year that awaits us be filled with positive surprises, i will finally graduate (hopefully!!) from school and join the official workforce....Finance will no longer be a issue and bbbbbbbbbb and i can finally live a better life than we did for the past 2 years =)

Thanks to all that was with us through this journey, hope you will stay by us and continue showing your support and share your love.

bye and thank you................

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