Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jokes off 9gag

so Clar has left for Germany - AGAIN... but this time.. she left behind something really special....
Pau, Clar and i have become close-er friends, much much closer than before, we even got a slumber party done at Pau's one night.... where we chit chat like no tomorrow, and when pau soon concuss Clar and i spent the night just chatting away.... it was such heartwarming moments i couldnt forget.

Pau made me promise i wont slip away again this time.... i admit i did it before, once was when i no longer felt the friendship btw us was all that strong to need to hold on to... and the other time, i was playing saint to this dear friend of mine was better off being with girls of her own age... Needless to say i regretted it much and even bbbbbbbb mention i had look much happier.

Clar and i didnt had a good "ending" the previous time she was in SG, i guess there was alot of misunderstanding between us, particularly the part when she had misunderstood i was trying to snatch this childhood friend away. Thank God we trash things out a little before her return and this trip to SG was a golden opportunity to treasure what is left of the previous friendship we had together and to build on new ones =)

We now held a group chat on whatsapp where the three of us says the most random stuff.... and when i feel the urge to purchase some cosmetic i can always seek clar's opinion, Steve Jobs make distance shrink and thank God we can make use of this facilities.... i almost felt as if she was just a call away -  and she is

so today's another day at work (to fill you in when i can manage my mood a little better. i've decided to cheer up my thunderstorm tuesday with some compilation of jokes i've ripped off the net... it makes me laugh quite a bit... so i hope its contagious to you too =)

What's a better creation than 3M reminded sticky note to remind blur-minded woman like you and i? I'll also add on a bit of love notes for bbbbbbbbb before he leaves for work in the morning =)     [shoutout to the bf......... Happy monthsary back... thanks for tolerating my nonsences for 3yr 2 months and still hvn gotten sick of the same face you've seen for TEN years=)

i truly love this paragraph i read online, it was intended as a joke, but it makes me melt =)

and i certainly hope your tuesday stays peaceful.... like i would want the same for myself


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