Friday, October 14, 2011

My secret and my relationship

So i am here blogging, because apparently Clar reminded me i haven post much lately.

and i have a secret to share...

Clar.Pau and i MIGHT become famous... wahahhhaa... like it will hurt anyone..

Ok what happen was Pau lost her iphone and inside contain some of our "private" pictures... and she is afraid our reputation will be gone.. so here i am with a couple of this collection exposed so when the matter come into light... it wouldnt hurt us the slightest bit.


i mean... if you ask me.. i actually like this pictures. i know girls being girls.. secretly loves taking picture.. Since we've taken a huge step to have the pictures taken (with only the 3 of us insides.. i booked the studio from a good friend of mine =)   Den why regret?

when i look back at my younger days years ahead, i'll be smiling to myself cos i flair what i belive i possess, in a good way...

and if permits.. i'll slowly post some others as the time past...

i love this two younger girls and i think they have the prettiest faces! if pictures are enuff to judge a person wholeheartedly, den the person judging us definitely hasnt know the real Kristal, Clarinda and Pauline.

On another note, its the end of a week again and i am happy =)

bbbbbb and i hvn been meeting lately, and to be honest i do feel tad affected. I know  how he always emphasize that when i do found a job i fancy and work hard on, i'll see how the REAL social world works! i trust myself to be commited to both relationship and work, but now that he seems to be putting me into the real test. I actually felt all this negatives "vision" he saw was largely contributed by himself.

Nevertheless, i remain the same person i am, and if, like he says, there will be threats/options out there that i am vulnerable to -which i remain confident would only happen if he had acted like he cannot win them - den we shall act according to the script, once beautifully sculpted by the same man who tried so hard to prove he is the correct one, and who nows predict a storm might soon arise.

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