Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dear May,
and i still hate you....

is money damn f**king impt? oh.. cn money buy everything?... whatever..

oh good.. i am counting 8 days away to the end of you.,.. cant wait to invite june.. and then u will be away for 365 days..

Hate.. Kristal

Donate blood yesterday, my blood vessels damn tiny.. nurse says i have very "slippery" and small vessels... ask me if i wanna take the dare.. did i ? of course i did,,,
nurse check and insert the first needle in,.. oops! vessels ran away.. i close my eye and thought of Grandma.. then she took out the needle out and ask me to rest.. then she inject some i dunno what to stop the pain.. then while i relax.. she insert another needle into my vein!! caught you!!! blood start flowing really slowly.. and that was another problem.. so i need moral support..
182 and Zheng De have finish their blood donation by then and are waiting for me. And thou they were making a fool of me, i could tell they were encouraging me.. and yup, it helps alot.. thanks..
i was aware i am gonna have lots of blue black,,.. but.. the thought of saving another life means alot to me..
Remember how it all begin..
Grandma was lying on the bed, at her last breathe.. i was panicking and din know what i could do to make her feel better. So i went to a temple and pray REALLY hard.. i promise God if there is any way to make her feel better, please do. So God choose to let her go peacefully, right in front of my eye, and got Cousin to pass me a msg in her dreams cos i din sleep for a week plus.
So God grant me my wish, and i was determine to return my favour. Xinyi and Si Jia accompany to donate blood. i was so scared i went pale,. but when it was over, i realise i feel so much better.. and thigns just move from then/

touching eh.. haha.. but thank God..

next day
Wen for the SaSa and beg people to sign up. PL YT and Reg were all shy about asking people to sign up so i guess as a Da Jiejie, i must thick skin a bit. Anyway its a great test for my temper.. So yup, people ignore u and all// but i dun feel that bad. After the event went to catch the Wednesday lunch concert, NYP band was not too bad.. miss the band times, combine music, sectional, marhcing.. i was even tougher then.. now i am a weak ass..
After that saw 182 and gang, they ask me to go to Loyang, thou i dun believe them, i tagged along. In the end, we really end up at temple praying. i only remember temple every new year. Mummy will bring us all there.. Anyway seeing them pray i wanna join in too. So 182 like smart alec like that bring us pray this pray that, my first trip to Loyang temple, and besides than the dogs there.. the rest are pretty fine.. and the sea view is great too..
then all of us squat at the stone and stare at the Loyang lucky stone.. see -digits.. i saw 7508.. then we bought it.. in the end, come out 7308.. all blame me la.. haha..
Sorry people, that day contact lense got proble,, gimme bad vision till today, still swollen and red.
promise if got chance i go stare carefully.. haha..

182 is a great guy, he wrote about me in his blog.. This is the FIRST time some one actually praise me without my persuading them, and the praises are so good, yet so realistic, it makes me wanna trust it ALL.. and really cheer me up.. thanks 182!

next day again
went to school and felt REALLY bored.. slack, did my report.. and there were so many problem..
ignore u but couldnt do it.. u make me laugh
played frisbee.. but after the first failed catch, i hurt my arms, there was a big red marking .. and afterward the sight of frisbee makes me freeze.. the phobia thing came and i ran back into the room..
slept for an hours,,. and it was really funny cos subconsciously, i saw phyllis sleeping next to me.. hahha.. i face left and she face right.. sounds lesbian right? dun worry i prefer C***.. haha.. just joking.. but not really joking.. haha.. watever

is money everything? i wish i wouldn't have to worry about money no more.. working so hard, falling sick.. i wish i wasn't born like that.. but .. i was...
how am i suppose to tell GJ tomorrow? that i have to return her the money another day cos Dad use it urgently... -.-"

money money, if one day i had to give up something really important to me for money, i MIGHT just do it.. cos money pushed me to the wall.. sometimes i am at my deep end.

counting 6 days to end of TEP, startin to miss the people already. they are so fun. today Edwin and Shar tied the hands of my jacket to the railing.. and i find it raelly amusing.. haha. they also hit me with the ball.. of course i was pissed, but in a confort way.. they are like always there to cheer u up.. and Shar will NEVER let me enter a door without pushing me away first. Edwin will also have that sleepy eye.. and Jed is forever showing his "muscle"
If i have to move to TEP outside without this guys, i might lost the sudden comfort..
if i have a choice, i rather i know them earlier, but considering they might see me in my pathetic bad tempered state.. better not..

what else to write> hmm.. but my entry damn long le..

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