Monday, October 15, 2012

piecing back the pieces

thank you for an amazing friendship
Thank you for entrusting the responsibility to "evaluate"

I met up Faye recently, a friend i had since 5 years back... we have no connection, mutual friends whatsoever, but we had a vibe that makes the friendship awkwardly close... 

We first metup somewhere early this year, after a long hiatus of about 5 years? Then we started fixing more meetups and catching up, each time with lengthy, never-ending updates of the lives we miss out on each other.. 

As her boyfriend's description of her fits the bill, i will like to quote "Faye is too forgiving and nice to others",... you truly are a Gem, Faye and i am thankful you had stand by our friendship against the test of time... welcome to the closer friendship we are building upon=)
Spotted a all black on a wednesday, my safety pick of colours when i ran out of ideas to dress up.  An instagram friend commented its only because black makes me looks thinner, and i had to agree.. haha

The balloon skirt was a steal from warehouse at only $18, i manage to grab the correct size at the Wing Tai building one afternoon when bbbb had the mood to make me spend money.. haha

So Le New Place is officially done up, minus the tubs after tubs of stuff we have yet to unpack since we reckon there really wasnt enuff space to put all the stuff up yet..,.. 

i came packed with almost 15 tubs of stuff kept from since we lost the house in Yishun, just yesterday i threw a record breaking 6 tubs worth of stuff away...the saddest moment was having to part with the letters from the childhood penpals, all nicest packed and kept away into shoe boxes.... 

bbbbb was really upset to see me give up on my prize pocession, but i needed the space and the ability to stop living in the past, i had to look forward now..... and with a sad note, i dump my most precious (or so i remember being the only stuff at age 21 that i would die for if Mum threw them away) collections of musical boxes away (keeping aside 3 majorly vintage one that bbbb warn me against throwing).. 

He said "they'll be worth thousands what you have just throw"
and i felt the same, but its time to part because life ahead will be prettier=))

And in relation to the boxes after boxes of letters i threw away 
He said "you are throwing away your childhood memories"
and i couldnt agree more, but i am stronger than the pain i receive from the loss, and my mind speaks has a capacity of infinity memories. If you know me well enough you know for sure how i can recall what you have worn on the first day we met, how we met and what we eat... 

My friends say the ability of mine to keep history in place is amazing, and i shall utilize it to my advantage =)
We had a lively opening ceremony when Dad place the family portrait up on the living room wall... We had the honor of most important people in our lives to share this moments (short of Mama's family, the same who had provided us shelter for the last 4 years).... 

Baby  Cuz Ray was there with his dad, bbbb was with me, and so was Gary and his lovable gf Casilin, Mum and gary's die-hard buddies... Somebody shouted "A round of applause!!!" and we all giggled but claps anyway.... 

That same night i post this pic on facebook and receive 26 likes, perhaps the number of people who will applause too if they were there in person =)

I love my family portrait, it was fun, hyped and very different from the rigid military style family portrait.. 
it shows the fun side of our family... the true side of us,,.. the side where outsiders wouldnt see till you know us better.. 

the Jokey Dad who giggle at his own joke
the spoilt Mum still learning to enjoy life
and the children, each with a different characteristics, that arises not from influence (because we had 2 parents and 4 kids with absolutely diff personalites.. )

And in absence, my dear boyfriend who were with us at the photoshoot but generously reject the offer to join in the picture... (he claim it was cos if something happen between us and things does not blossom, then the pictures wont bring me too much misery... )

it wouldnt silly darby, we have a strong force on this one..haha

and also missing in the portrait is Casilin, Gary's new rekindle romance from 11 years ago, an amazingly fun n positive person that glues with the ladies in the house faster than she can do with Gary.. haha.. 

Last saturday, bbbb gather his buddy to my place to help out... we manage to nail the partition wooden backing onto the wardrobe so serve as a wall for pictures.. 

Then we proceed to IKEA to grab mirrors, some boxes & lotsa of drawers for my wardrobe. 
My wardrobe is my hobby in the making.. i made it looks like it doesnt just serve as a wardrobe, i shall fill you in on the official run throught of the house soon... 

Anway, after a hard day at work we rewarded ourselve with delish from Swee choon, NEVER FAIL to keep us all satisfied after a loud burp from the food... yums!
Then the next morning bbbb drove up to my place to do up the unfinished business in the house, and as we had time to spare, we also explore the residence a little, squirming in excitement at new places found, i especially love the God of Wealth Temple just streets away from my place.. 
we found the warehouse selling furniture and browse a little, but the bedding were out of my budget (since i had to get 2 of everything... ) so it shall be on hold for a while.. 

So we spent Sunday unpacking and cleaning up the space, and when the evening drew near Mum entrusted the duty of cooking dinner to me and bbbb... 

and we took it to our stride.. haha.. bbbb  cook awesome did i ever say this? We made do with whatever we can find in the fridge and dinner was served! 

It was fried Noodle in black sauce with crab meat, fish cakes & chicken.. I did the chopping of the ingredient & marinating of food... and bbbb did the cook & stirring of the noodle

Kristi commented she loves the dinner, while our maid (too tired from all the packing) was amused to learn bbbb;s talent in the kitchen.... They both had 2 servings of noodle, and nomming away while complimenting my shy-but-proud booyfriend... haha.. 

Mum didnt grab dinner, she had her MJ date with the rest, Dad awoken from his power nap (after nailing, drilling all day) and ate his dinner... 

i would say overall, the dinner impressed them quite a bit, and the newly "promoted" chef in our family now plans to whip out Hokkien mee and carrot cake.. haha.. my cute potential chef.. 

We caught movie together in the living room (while sitting on the floor and becase that was the only TV in the house for now, and we hadnt gotten a sofa)... Then bbbb left for home as that poor thing got the flu bug from all the reno work he's been entrust.. 

i settled my night lying on the wooden floor of the living room... changing channels and chatting with Dad, while rewarding myself with a can of Taiwan Lychee beer... then something that used to be really exciting hit me.. and i quickly put it to work

i almost forgot all about the key pouch that bbbbe encourage me to grab while we were in HK, i decided to save it for the new house and now that its ready, i took great precaution to lock them in to the key pouch... 

Sadly.. the ibank security key couldnt fit in.. so i had to re-shuffle them elsewhere... Other than that i am now a proud owner of 6 important keys (bbbb's house keys, my house keys, the letter box key and the safebox key)

My blessing are a fortune too small to be notice by others, but i am constantly surprise by the turn of events in my life that tiny details like this are REALLY the ones that got me smiling in bed, or dreaming about happy events.. 

They say whatever you think of in the day, you dream of in the night. And with that note i would like to say, my dreams has been packed to the brim with happy events, and it started somewhere early april... thanks to the change of mindset and the following of The Secret... 

i am a happy girl.. heehee.. i am piecing my pieces into a complete puzzle.. soon you'll see the full picture =)


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