Thursday, October 11, 2012

staying off-track for the week

We all have a set of things to fulfil on a basis daily, for me that will include

  1. brushing my teeth
  2. giving thanks while brushing my teeth
  3. staring at the closet for close to an hour deciding what to wear
  4. making sure i pop my pill
  5. planning on how to make life much more interesting than what i've been doing
Apart from the routine,most of my other free time were spent "daydreaming"... somedays it feels really good to just everything on hand, sit in a daze and let your mind take control, these are the days i choose to stay indoor and devote my free-time to my brain.... otherwise i make sure i stay commited to my exercise regime and clock at least 7km of run per week. 

This week, however, the usual Kristal wasnt "really" around, there were tiny doppelganger i see flying around me (not kidding on this one... ok maybe the flying part i was.. ) ... they had all sorts of evil idea to break the chain, encouraging me to do otherwise my usual stuff.. and not too long into their convincing.. i break my habits.. 

For a start, after not popping over to bbbbb over the weekend and really spending time together last week (thanks to all the reno that went on at Le New place.. i decided to date bbbb on  weekday, after work. 

This is rather abnormal for us for we have grown accustomed to meeting only on weekend, the reason for this was to give each other ample space to hang out with our friends and immerse in our "Me-time"... So on days we decided to meet for a while- the excitement is comparable to that of a young couple that were sneaking on a date in their school uniform (against the approval of their parents).... haha.. 

My friends found my description of our meeting unappealing.. but i really felt that way so i am staying with it.. heehee

i know its hard to tell, but i did make extra effort to dress up for the evening.... i don a statement dress i found in the closet that brought memories all the way back from year 2006... it was an "entitilement" i was given while working part time at Far East Plaza.. 

Black is like my all-time saviour when i want to look "better"... i like playing with colors but if its an occasion i want to leave an impression, i will pull out a piece from my black collections... 

we settled for dinner at Old Town White Coffee at JCUBE, the highlight for the evening was to catch "Taken2"...  over dinner we chat a little and he showed off his mechanical side by drawing a 3D  image of my kitchen and the partition wall he had arrange to be fixed. The picture was later taken by Dad to illustrated the exact spot of the hole he wanted to drill onto the partition board... 

then we did a bit of window shopping to pass time till we hit our movie timing.... 

It really cold at Jcube i had to pull on my cardi.. 

Overall, the movie Taken2 was as thrilling as was Taken, i enjoyed most of it and held on to his hand real tight in many scenes.... 

not my usual preference for movie ( i really enjoy chick-flick & horror).. but definitely a must-watch if you ask me.. 

As usual the night ended earlier... (its a long journey back to his place and i hate worrying about his safety the whole travelling period)
we bidded our goodbye at the bus stop outside JCube, a 3 stops away to my cousin's place... bbb also walked over to board the train and reach home safely by a quart past 11.... and that sums up the little romance we steal off an otherwise "similar" weekday...

It actually an unforgettable Tuesday that i shall make a mental note to mark onto our [Dating Journey]


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