Monday, February 06, 2017

Now where do i begin?

Between this short period i have experience a couple of things/incidents that left so much values in my heart
- i had the house to myself, unable to attend the wake of a person who deserve my respect
- i had the freedom to do anything i want, and then learnt i wasnt all that keen on being alone as i thought i would like
- i have an amazing sister who drops everything on her sleeves to keep me company
- i saw some memories on facebook leading to events that took places over the past years, and then remember all the good deeds & people that have supported me & shaped me into who i am today

it's an amazing & helluva ride to have this injected hormones in me suddenly so i get all emotional and learn to see things in different perspective.

Sometimes  u tend to look straight at the one destination you set to reached, and along the way you ignore alot of valuable things that pop up here & there. I am blessed beyond my imagination &  i have been so damn ignorant to fail to see them.    But lucky me, i have been given so many opportunities to slowly unwrap them bit by bit, feeling luckier & luckier with each realization.   Such is an amazing feeling to feel like the world is hugging you & you feel so warm from the cosiness.!

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