Monday, April 02, 2012

The past weeks..

There's been a little delays in my entries and nope, i wasnt slacking =)

i've spent a couple of fruitful weeks meeting up friends from the past, catching up and hearing about everyone's life-little-story, its a ear-opening experiences i must say. Gonna work harder on planning more meetups with all the people i wanna cherish =)

One sunday afternoon, bbbbb had arranged a meetup with his cousins and their partners and it was set at Yum Cha @ Serangoon Country club. My first trip there and i find the food really yummy. Like you must know by now i am not somebody relatively prone at capturing food (i prefer taking pic of humans ) thus no food to make you salivate. bbbbb's friend from USA was there, and so was his cousin and her darling Toddler who had flewn in from Birmingham UK. Such an occasion is so hard to come by, and i am glad bbbbbbb had a great time catching up with his cousins. They ALWAYS have so much things to talk about =)

bbbbb calling his cousin to confirm if we should walk in or wait for a seat. It's really crowded on Sunday at Gardens, everyone wakes up really early for their meals there.. After dating bbbb for a while i find it pretty normal already.. hurhur
I worn a pretty dress from Agneselle that Mee-pok (A.k.a Phyl) has pass on to me. She finds the dress unsuitable for her height and the advantages is the shorty (me!) gets it instead =) thanks love, i really love how the dress fits...

And there is my sandal from Schu that i;ve gotten after some raving by bbbbbbb's lilsis- Charmine. She was pairing lotsa of her clothing with this gem sandals and after a while i got hooked too! haha.. i finish the entire ensemble with my Ted Baker bag (did i mention bbbbbbb was so glad i finally brought it out instead of displaying behind the cabinet like some trophies. hahah)...
The entrance leading to Yum Cha, and that was probably all the pictures i took before i completely forget to snap a couple more for a proper blog entry =P

Here's some pic i steal off facebook from the very lovely Xiao Han - bbbb's cousin's gf... she is so pretty she should be a model lah! (dont say i am exaggerating.. go click on the link and you can see her!) haha

The same afternoon, bbbb and i spent some time with Mum/Dad/Lilsis. It wasnt a planned trip but we ended up at East Coast grabbing some Korea food for dinner...

bbbbb reminded me that we will have to let both our parents know that we are doing really well as a couple.

As such, the very hardworking boy has been dropping by my house at least once a week, sharing dinner with me, spending some quality time chatting with my family and watching tv with me. I am really touched at his effort and am glad that after 4 years of dating we are finally stable enough to "want-to" show everyone else =)

My extremely young parents that had given up much youth to raise us all up. And here you see how they are STILL very much in love...

And you might also notice Mum's newest hairstyle that looks like a chinese version of Sharon Osbourne
My now slightly smaller arms.
bbbb offering to BBQ the meat when the waitress walks off. His reason "why wait till she walks back to enjoy dinner?"
Dinner came up to about $200(ex in my opinion). bbbb and i gave them a treat, we walked around east coast a little before sending bbbb home *Self-note: bbb prefers to travel back himself

The korea food was pretty ok overall, Dad wasnt a a huge fan and i wasnt sure how all the pork belly (yucks) can keep me full. The pancakes tasted the same as those you can easily get elsewhere and only the Bibimbap tasted nice in my opinion (with addition of Lilsis mixing of course.. only she mix the correct portion)

so last sat, i was in the mood for some baking, and so i google a safe-receipe off the net to make Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake
My fantastics multi-tasking skills you cannot find elsewhere!
This was the part that spoil the cheesecake, bbbb and i couldnt find Gelatin anywhere and we had to replace it with agar agar powder (which pretty much soften the cheese-layer of the cake till i no longer see it as being successful - despite bbbbb's encouragement that it tasted pretty nice.. he ate most of it :)
our favorite brand of cheese is Philadephia, bbbb taste other brands and only Lurpak seems to be the nearest competitor (Lurpak has no cream cheese)
So you see while i was busy baking him a sweet dessert (heehee)
my bf's busy hanging his clothes to dry... HIS FAVORITE HOBBY.

no joke.. my bf loves to do the laundry... also something i hate doing because i almost fell off the window once when i had to keep the bamboo pole.  
haha.. i know right.. we look like we are reaady to start a family.. haha
cutting strawberrys into heart-shaped. Korea strawberries failed!
aligning them into the cream cheese pan, all ready to be frozen
notice the strawberries cannot look like a pretty hearts and because the pan was a tad too tiny, i ended p arrangement them to look presentable (not lovely *sobx)--> and off it went into the fridge for 4 hours
took it out of the fridge later that evening, coat it with strawberry jelly liquid and pop it into the fridge again for another couple of hours.

and yeap.. my boyfriend REALLY love this cake, so i shall bake a couple more time (WITH GELATIN) till he gets hooked.

Whats a better way to pull your bf closer than to secure his appetite? heehee


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