Monday, April 23, 2012

sick rabbit

I am feeling rather under the weather lately. No reason for that whatsoever, it could be the bad throat that i am suffering, for the first time in my life i lost the ability to talk (past sore throat allows me to mumble some words, only the tone is completely off and masculine). Every single word i say/whisper will result in a "huh" reply from everyone, even i had difficulty hearing myself since no voice came out of the mouth despite my effort..

i realise how lost a person can be without one ability they are suppose to have by default. I feel a little handicap, and felt so much despise from people who couldnt hear me or looked at me when they realise i "cannot" speak. This feeling is so terruible...  =(

Metup with the fellow mates that had been on the previous bintan trip together. It was a short catchup over dinner and we mainly blabber rubbish, eats and drink a little.

Was surprise Xue has a bf for a bout 4 months now, thats how long we havent catch up and how much updates we had.

Jann is stuck with her endless complains about life-sucks, job-sucks, and relationship-rocky. We all know how much she is already blissed with mostly good things in life, her rants are usually the same, so we;ve pick up the habit of hearing... till her next complains haha.

Ray, my dearest cousin's been busy with school and there were little updates about his life, ive been convince my selection of girls are of top-notch but he couldnt agree the same. In fact the ideal pretty woman i've picked out was not up to his satisfaction. They say man's opinion differ from the woman, i had to agree.
Xue and i didnt feel like drinking that night, so while Ray and Jann enjoyed Edinburg and Whiskey, we had some ice-cream to share. However, the ice cream tasted nasty per Xue's comment, and eventually it was exchanged for a Tiramisu which i hardly tasted. The night ended cheap, our share of dessert only cost us $9 each, and we even order Sparklng water to share.

I miss hanging out with this bunch, they are usually very on for challenges..

bbbb and i spent the weekend mostly keeping our guest accompany. bbbb's buddy's gf flew in from Taiwan and i was her shopping companion. So we met on both friday and sat and try to comb some areas she hasnt covered from her last trip.... Mainly her duties were to grab some goodies she couldnt find in Taiwan for her sisters.

So the list goes on, and i manage to win myself (thanks to bbbbb) some goodies while picking out awesome purchase in far east plaza, H&M, Talisman and so on...

Apart from the endless shopping, bbbbb's buddy had in mind special food we  can intro to her gf so most of the weekend we had fantastic food, tea time, and treats. All these despite me slowly losing the power to speak..

And the Sunday was spent running errand, grabbing porridge for the Sick Kristal =(   returning my regalia, sending his mum to her singing competition and visiting my ancetors at the columbarium.

It is bbbbbbb's third visit to my Late Grandma, Grandpa and Grand Uncle and he has been very helpful, preparing and setting up the tables, suggesting food to offer to them, and memorizing where they were located. We sat by the columbarium for a while, enjoying the peace and serenity of that place, talking about life, hearing me reminscene about how i use to hang out with my Grandma alot as a child... Then we offer incense to the neighboring  graves and burn joss paper to end the ritual.. Bbbbb then drove me home earlier that sunday so i could get ample rest for another work week. Its really comforting having someone else fuss over your health, minding your food intake, reminding you to drink water and visiting the docs..... i am glad my boyfriend is one such man who spare no trouble to make sure i will recover asap.

Mum commented last night that she was going to buy me Ling-Yang to drink for my bad bad health... the exact words i heard from bbbbbbbbbb... seems like i am pamper by quite a few person then?

Here's ending the post with a picture of my buck tooth..... i am born in the year of Rabbit alright.


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