Thursday, April 12, 2012

Losing Weight

So lately, i have been hearing friends talking about taking different sets of diet plans, and among them low carb diet stands out..

I am forever a diet person like any other girls. I am weight conscious and i get super upset with the tiny surge in weight on the weighing scale. I use to love late night suppers, especially the Wanton Mees Dad will wake us all up to eat at 2.30am in the morning, that was my favorite.   I had to curb all these habits as soon as i link them all to diet....


In my opinion, us chinese being real fan of rice certainly hasnt do us any good, rice is the number one killer food in my carb list, and with practive over the years, i have became a person who can deal with this rule --> One rice portion per day, rice for lunch then noodle for dinner or vice versa. I never allow myself to take more than one portion of rice per day  (er-hem   fried rice is an exception.. this is the loophole//. oops)

And then it came as a shock when i found out sugar is part of the restricted food in low carb diet... sugar!!! i need my dessert/bubble tea/cakes/milo/tea intake.. how is life going to be like with sugar!@

yesyes.. so against sugary food i can only resort to using candy stickers on my blog =(

Was it hard to live life with a low carb diet ---> frankly.. yes.. it was torturous.. and what was worst was that my weigh did not fluctuate that much... in fact i had long lost my lightest weight slightly after the op

anyone who has been light before will always craves to return to that day... and i want my 45kg back!!!!!

So i was reading this articles on "soft-carb diets" and found it surprisingly different from the usual low-carb diet....

To begin, not all carb-food are to be avoided (this was probably the steadfast rule in low carb diet, anything that exceeded the daily carb limit has to go!)

define = A slow carb diet should not be confused with a low carb diet, which restricts the overall amount of carbs you eat. Instead, a slow carb diet restricts mainly carbs that are processed, such as white breads, rice and snack foods, and allows you to eat carbs that are not processed (complex carbs).

In short ..... here are the do's and dont's.. usethem wisely and you should be able to lose a litte weight..

Avoid these carbs:

- White bread
- White rice
- Chips
- Cookies
- Snack foods
- Candy and sweets
- Desserts
- Juice
- Cola
- Other sugared beverages
- Potatoes
- Flavored Yogurts

Eat these carbs:
- Long grain rice (or brown rice)

- Whole grain bread
- Whole grain cereals
- Vegetables
- Oats
- Unsweetened coffee and tea

ok.. i admit.. it is STILL gonna be hard keeping up with unsweeten drink.. but at least we get to replace brown rice for fried rice and still eat them? haha.. and i do know of one fantastic replacement for sugary drink (i use honey to make my drinks sweet)

afterall, weigh is gonna be an issues we'll all worry about (unless u are so lucky to be born with good genes.. den... eff-off.. i am jealous =P

I just signed up for the saloman run 2012 together with a couple of colleagues and bbbbb... this should mark the start of a better relationship with the colleagues, hopefully a chance to interact better.. and also to intro to them bbbbb... i am crossing my fingers..

and apart from all these i am constantly brainstorming ideas to start an online business.. after the setback from BHP and ICBS i am adamant the next try should no longer be a mistake (not that it was a mistake, we make profit but the friendship was put at risk)... its gonna be a hardwork this time.. doing everything on my own hoping not to jeopardize any friendship... i am going to take it slow...

My graduation/convocation is tomorrow !!~
the photoshoot with my family has already taken place last sunday (never more appreciative than that experience, everyone put down everything and cancel every appointment to make it happen.. i am so thankful it took place).... i cant wait to secure all the pictures and post them online to share =)

This also means i;ve finally came to a long halt on my education journey.... no i am not so determine this would be the last..because i know i can do further... but i will have to divert the concentration on my career, working myself up the ladder before making any future education plans... the tiny project of drafting the answers for my friend for her exam is coming to an end too.. i am left with 2 more essays to produce and i am good to call it quit... i cant wait.. but i cant bear too..

ok.. as usual.. drifting WAY OFF the topic..


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