Monday, April 16, 2012

To my best-est friend

To my best-est friend,

something that had blossom from mere friendship and to cultivate over the years till both parties agreed to take the leap onto marriage - is not easy

many of us, myself inclusive are fearful of this process, a coward indeed. I had so much question marks looking at myself and reflecting on my life. As much as i have found the perfect man i can no longer ask more for, i lack the courage to drown myself into the psychological contract i believe i am signing myself up for.

My dear, you and him,having dated for almost a century had seen things no one elses would have seen in each other. When you first told me this --" i know you might not agree with me, but when i look at him all i saw was how handsome this guy is, standing before me. Its like everything about him is so perfect... dont you agree"

and though i cannot see beneath what you were mentioning (Heis attractive and has a awesome characteristics) i could see that eyes you use to look at Kive beaming with so much hope, love and joy. For the first time in my life 5 yrs ago, i understood what you had that i havent achieve - you have found love.

I know its hard to believe just how one sentence from you meant so much to me, but my dear, i swear after that day, i knew what it meant when someone said "i think he is the one"

As we prep ourselves (your mindset in particular) for the new journey that shall take place, there were so many doubts that came across your mind. Each and every time, you would talk yourself out of it. And as quickly as you fall in misery you would snap out of it. There is a place in your heart that already knew how much you want to protect this man you have chosen, yet the other parts of you wanted to make sure you have chosen the correct guy.

My bestest friend, we both knew you were certain of the decision, there are just too many surround issues that challenge your determination. When you first declare, 8 years ago that love will stand at first priority, afterwhich came friendship, i was mad, very mad at how you could give up everything we had together for a person you barely knew for months.

Then we fast forward till 2012, when i look back at all that you had been through, and understood why you had made that comment. I would have done the same, having found the right choice myself. He is like the prize possession you own and the only thing you need to work harder to keep around. Indeed, when it comes to choosing a right other half, love will win even friendship

When you think back at all the things you had taught me about love and life. Please know just how much you have change my mindset, and how much you have change your own mindset (during this 8 years) after meeting him..... you already know how much he should mean to you so darling, now take sometime to think about some unforgetable memories from year 1 till year 8 (so you should have at least 8 events you can rmemeber).... smile and be proud of your achievement.

Always there,


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