Friday, April 27, 2012

Google Girl

Hi all,

some of the weirdest things i googled online to share.... I googled them ONLY because this case coincide with the situations i faced... So have a "safe" and good laugh =)

- yes unlike other contrary beliefs, styrofoams and polystrene boxes can be safely used in the microwave oven. Just be sure to follow general rules
(i.e lead the lid open to "air" before microwave- i usually just leave the lid open while microwaving..... haha)

- scrap off using a shaving blade
- Leave it there, subsequent toasting will eventually overburnt the cheese and minimize its shape. A couple more toast and the burnt cheese will soon disappear.
to answer this question, googling didnt seems to help, so i found the quickest solution that i can now share.... And i solve it using this --> LUCK

Simply leave your toaster tray soak in water for about half an hour. Then, while it is it still submerge, gently scrap off the burnt cheese with a spoon, it would come off magically, and leave the tray scratch proof. You must be thinking how stupid i must be to encounter this situation.. YES I WAS INDEED DUMB.

The office pantry were consider relatively new to be so searching for a aluminium foil sheet to replace the tray did not came across my mind. I'm glad it all worked out and no one found out the silly trouble i ALMOST caused.

-  Beliefs that green represent death in a malay wedding is completely false.Green attire are warmly welcomed by the Malays
- Tux/Suit are not neccessary. The climate in Malaysia/Singapore are humid all year round so such attires are never a must.
- Wearing black is not encourage during a malay wedding. The occasion is joyous so most malay prefer colorful attires to celebrate the event. Bright colors are natually more welcoming than black.
- Avoid wearing too revealing clothing, the reason for this is to appear more presentable. Try to stick to skirt that are slightly above knee lenght, strapless top are also not suggested. A dress would most appropriate.

i am stuck with this situation because bbbbb has a colleagues whose child is about to get married and i am accompanying him for this event. Therefore, i wouldnt want to be caught in a situation i cannot explain --> Attire. I've decided to stick to a work dress, color is most White Satin with a tinge of black, not to revealing and comfortable.

- the cheapest to enquire with Transasia Air. Turns out the rate is of little difference to fly this airline in comparison with budget air. Expect to pay about $715 or less for more comfort and FOOD provided!

i had no intention of travelling to TW anytime soon. This was a favor i was doing for bbbb's buddy's girlfriend who was helping him to purchase ticket to visit her over her convocation this June. Im definitely keeping Transasia Air in mind thou...

That about sums up my curiousity for this week.. The Google-sphere has too much discovery left to be uncovered. =)

Some Attires for the Vain Kristal this week

Feeling rather RETRO whenever i put this one.. it gives me the demure vibe so i tend to walk less "gangstery" haha..

Oh did i mention? The highwaist belt only cost me like $3... teeheehee

At the office desk, the bowl in front is my breakfast EVERYDAY... cereal..
i haven change my preference for this... Its been like half a year since i restarted this practice..
A collage.. with all the pictures in place
i had this whole mindset of "红红不害人“ today... Ang Ang Bo Hai Lang
sadly.. the dress got too huge for comfort.. Only my second wear since purcahsing it in feb.,, and already the sleeves are drooping down my arms.. while the band at the waist wouldnt stay in place.. it looks like a PJ more?

i really love this piece.. and here's the PERFECT fit way back in February.

tsk tsk.. Forever21... this time, you had fail me =(

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