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This May has been fabulous considering there are two public holidays to look out for =)

Having gone thru countless checks online to decide on the most appropirate attire to be wearing from bbbbb's colleague's son wedding,  i've ended up swapping them completely for a casual outfit cos bbbbbb didnt want to look too awkward dressing down standing besides me... Therefore i've opt for a shimmery top from H&M coupled with a bandage skirt from bugis street. In order to look like i was dress up for the occasion i manage to dig up a piece of necklace in my bag and complete the look with a sunshade on my head.
Not bad an effort i would say considering i was staying over at bbbbbbbb and my stuff there were VERY limited.
The wedding was a very very joyous one, where people took turn sitting around in different tables, mingle for a while, grab some food and left,  it was probably the culture that they stop by for a short meal and to send their regards before leaving the dining place.

I actually like the whole concept of short lunch sessions, making new friends with bbbbbbb's colleagues, talk about the randomest stuff, eat some food and leaving... It was definitely much much much more comfortable then being placed in a Chinese wedding dinner where you dont know what else to be talking to the person sitting right next to you except "are you a friend of the groom/bride?"...

I would opt for the noisy and atmosphere at the Malay wedding anytime.. It makes me very happy seeing them play mischief on the groom and him working extra hard to win his "bride"

We sat around for an hour or so (very long considering in between about 3 tables had gathered and left the same area we sat by)... We were bound for Changi Citypoint (bbbbb loves shopping) so off we went in search of a way to leave the premises
Not too far from the wedding location was the new shopping Mall Katong 112 that i've heard bro talk about. bbbb and i decide to drop by for a VERY short walk to check out the area.
Sun was extremely hot
the boyfriend showing his caring side =)
Another pic of us holding hands so the credit goes to Rodman for being a great bf! haha

Katong 112 is relatively quiet, but the goods new is they have a cinema so i cannot wait to check out the new seatings and visit the shops. We didnt get much stuff there but got too engross hearing the NEA rep talks about mosquito that we ended up taking some quiz by the booth. In exchange for the quiz i receive a water bottle, hand towel, pen, passport holder, keychain bearing drawing of mosquito... wahahah..

It was hilarious seeing all the "gift" i got and placing a bet with bbbbbbbb that i was going to use the stuff, every single one of them.. haha..

Upon leaving Katong112 i raise a fantastic suggestion to log on to to find out exactly how to reach our destination (this app was recommended by Paperstop's buddy and is probably the most GodSent gift i've ever come across)

In matters of seconds, we figured how to grab a bus/train to lead us to changi City point.. How cool is that?

Go download its a paid apps.. but if u cannot bear to part with the money, log on to to figure your journey, trust me this is God's gift when the train breaks down.. i can vouch for that!
Evidence of Rodman ignoring his gf on a date#1
Evidence of Rodman ignoring his gf on a date#2

We arrived at Tanah Merah station in less than 30min, the journey suggested wasnt this but the bus stink of sweat/sour food too much that we were begging to leave and hence the change of mind.

bbbbbbbb got too engross playing his iPad that i was non-existence.. and here's my evident.

My attempt at disturbing him.... by placing the camera in front and saying "quick.. smile"...much to his continuous ignorance

And he finally gave in... and pose... like.. this//// =(

ANYWAY.... the trip to Changi Citypoint wasnt fruitful. I only got myself a headband for running and him, a pair of Onisutka Tiger Shoes.... we got too tired and decided to head home.... taking a train till Paya Lebar and changing to bus 43... the Good news is bbbb was "normal" again by then (not so much ignoring me.. )

and the night ended with dinner with his family followed by him driving me home!!!

After work on Monday, i hop over to his place again to enjoy the public holiday together. We had arranged to catch the Avengers with his pal and after the movie i was too tired to think and fell aslp while the guys continue their battle to watch the match between Man United and Man City... .

The next morning i drag bbbb out of the bed because i was really in the mood to run... so the poor boy had no choice but to accompany me.... But he cheer up a little when he realise we were going to grab brunch at where we were stopping our run...

Arm with Iphone in one hand, downloaded "smartrunner" to capture our effort.
Arm with Ez link on the other hand, knowing deep down after brunch none of us will want to run back..

It was a fairly short run from his place to Greenwich, a upcoming Condominium with a tiny mall to cater to the residents around.

 Having caught glimpse of it after droving past a couple of time i wanted to try out the food here
Yummy brunch!!! we chatted about work... stuff.. plans.. and an hour past....
heads to grab a bus from the bus stop back to his place... and we SLACK the entire holiday away... wahahahahah

i know.. super random post.. updates that wasnt worth the effort.... ..So here's to fill up more space.. some outfit i have don to work this week =)))

Notice the eye please...... NO EYELINER!!! just brown eyeshadow.. i am a genius,.....

teeheehee.. bye


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