Friday, May 25, 2012


My friday is always lighter than the rest.

i have very very happy friends, and friends that are constantly happy are those that i wanna keep around, to bring up the atmosphere.

Last week, i took a leap - i went for the 14km urban trial. this is not a run (this is not a run this is not a run this is not a run.... this is SERIOUSLY not a run  hurhurhur)..

We covered - Bukit Batok --> Telok Blangah --> Harbour front --> up into Mount Faber --> touch the Henderson Wave --> down to AYE --> along the rail way track --> into mud basically --> crazy jay-running through traffic --> get honked by cars

The entire journey took 14.8Km to be exact.. So i complete it..

i am God now..

no.. .not really... my bf psycho my mind.... i'm taking up the 21km Standchart race next....

HUGE grin frm the completion... putting the medal on even thou every one of us probably has the same.
My boyfriend is used to race.... He couldnt care lesser that i slow him down so badly this is prolly his worst race ever... hurhurhur
bbbbbbbbbb favorite friend, who happen work for Salomon, who refuses to run with us, who ate our share of Bananas and 100plus... haha
i am so proud of my acheivement.. my first ever race since the Op... timmy's leaving has given me too much guts.. i got addicted to trying new things now..
5278 - Chng Kristal.. completed her 14.8Km trial in 2hr 01min59 sec
over excited.. refuse to admit my grin looks really stupid (anyway wanna sponsor me a REAL running cap?)
My boyfriend, who wears thights when he run.. girly indeed....

As if the run wasnt enough to kill me... i opted for the upcoming 21km race.. Kill me before i make any stupidier decision....

  • I have forgotten how much i whine while i was running...
  • i told bbbb he can knock me down so i can faint so the ambulance can come and i can rest legally. 
  • I told bbbbb he was fat and he is ugly and he can trip me when i am running downhill
  • i told bbbb i was choking on 100plus at the water point.
  • i told bbbb my fallopian tube was falling off my stomach
  • i told bbbb Singapore needs to be smaller
i said the weirdest stuff when i was running... and i told myself i have enough of the race thingy..

And when the race ended i saw my colleague who came up and told me i had ran really well, one of the first to arrive among the others... then i got proud.. then i walked over to bbbb and his friend.. and said yes to 21km....

WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take back time... bring me back to the finishing line AFTER the race... BEFORE the decision to take up 21km....

Die liao lor.. now how you tell me!!!!!~

I bet my evil Kristal is speaking in my mind.. the good Kristal must have decided to declare her own leave... now i am hating both Kristal .. (*help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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