Thursday, June 07, 2012

New twist in life

I must have been surrounded by a lot of positivity (which wasnt really the case since i can recall some bad happenings just couple of days back) but everything that is surrounding me now has been amazingly.... beautiful.... if i were the same person i was back a month ago i wouldnt have been this happy... but i am the same person.. something took a new twist in my system... and since it is a good thing i've decided to let it stay put.

If there are some feeling of emptiness in my life lately, then the only reason to account for it were the fact that a few close friends are losing their directions in life and that i havent had a place to call my own. All that seems to be pretty settled now.. and i am here to share the good news =)

To begin, i was very concern some of my closer friends are losing their focus and aims. This worries me alot because my friends are a huge source of influence for me. With them losing themselves i lost hope too...

Pauline has been a very dear friend of mine and hold a very special place in my heart.. Lately due to some very unfortunate issues she went into "hibernation" and for the longest time no one heard of her. during this period i was very worried for her but did not dare probe into the matter for fear that i might sink in too deep and feel upset myself. The only best solution was to leave her alone till she comes back, and the patience did pay off cos i've finally heard from her... it appears to me that all is well and i might have my dear friend back very soon =)

Sharon is my best friend since 13, she's been pretty tied up by her wedding plans and the stress level has reach its max. I tried all i could to help her out and we are counting down days to the big day. i cannot wait till she cry tears of happiness, then i would silently pat my own shoulder and say to myself "well done, you can take a break now"

Phyllis is someone very hype and the person i will sought to enquire about my future plans. She is very positive and has endless good opportunity in life. Her relationship took a downturn lately and i was worried she might become another result of a bad break up. Thankfully, she has place her usual hype to good use and seize the opportunity to learn to love herself and the people around her. I see her transformation as a role model for me to follow. Phyl is certainly someone who pulls the positivity near her. I want to be this happy too =)

Paperstop is, in my opinion,  an individualist who knows exactly what she wants. The only problem with this young lady is her consciousness that is blocking out many obvious cue for her to move forward to achieve what she has seek out for. i am usually not worried for Paperstop, she has her way of talking me out of the dark clouds, the same i would do for her when she needed someone to hear her out. Paperstop compliment my flaws, having her as a close friend is something i will work doubly hard to keep dear.

My circle of friends are very unique, they discover many sides of me that i would never figure out myself. i want to continue to worry for their wellness, just as much as i know they are doing the same for me. They must be extremely positive lately, just staying by their side makes me lucky too =)

Thru months of eating lunch box for lunch, i've manage to save enough to contribute to the family. After moving out from our own house since 2008 august, My parents and i have the luxury of living together with our dear cousins whom we are very close with. Even so, a part of us wanted a place we could we call our own. And thankfully, with the combine effort of us all, we are finally making this dreams come alive.

Yesterday, after months of immediate planning and saving, my siblings and i have came up to enough money to afford the downpayment of a decent 5 room flat. It wasnt easy, but we did it!    i am proud of my family... Dad&sis has been house hunting for a while, i didnt play a part in the process because i felt my desperation to get a house soon was greater than that of theirs so naturally i wasnt the best player to plan my moves smartly when it comes to the hunting process.

Dad&sis fell in love with a 5 room flat located up in Amiralty Link. I had never visualize myself staying around that area but i knew the place a good choice given that it was relatively new in the 1990s and during that time my parents were pretty keen on that area. Dad suggested bbbbb comes along the house viewing and i invited my dearest cousin Ray&his mum over as well.. Together, all 8 of us did a tour around the house, looking at the possibility of staying there permanently and surprisely, we all Like it!

Needless to say, we paid the downpayment and agreed to continue saving (since the amount adds up to above our current budget). We will finally have a house in Amiralty this september 2012 =)

bbbbb was extremely happy for me, i guess he knew how badly i wanted this to happen. The Secret says if you wish for something to happen so badly then it would happen. The day had come, and now is all about saving and saving and waiting for the right moment we can move in as a Family. bbbb is part of us, i could tell because Dad needed his opinion..  i think bbbb is secretly happy himself, he knew the huge stone on my chest will be unloaded pretty soon. I finally have the space and time to think of my next move in life. Thank you for making everything happen. This is a thank you for anyone, anything that make this possible. Thank you for the second chance. i'll hold it dear.

And if you are wondering whether the entire shift could means jeopardizing bbbb and my future plan then dont worry it really wouldnt be a problem. The sort of future we foresee together is slightly different than the ones we are seeing around us. One thing i know for sure, unlike the rest of my friends, i am paying for a family house at the age of 25 =)    and unlike them all, i really wanted a wedding too simple it'll make the the Bridezilla feel ashame. Therefore, knowing how things will eventually comes into place (take the house this time for example), all it takes it the right moment for the right thing to happen. If my positive vibes continue to stay around me, who knows what might happen?

or perhaps bbb might surprise me with something out of the ordinary, but we shall leave that to my imagination, shall we?

Have a pleasant week ahead


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