Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharon & Kive Wedding

Sharon, the one girl i've been so showing much concern for the past 12 years, is officially married to the same guy i introduced, 8 years ago =)

this is the one wedding ive been thinking, fussing over for the past months of planning, and thank God the wedding is finally over. There are lotsa of hiccups during the wedding but given the combine efforts of the Best mens and Brides Maid, it went pretty well overall.

I spent close to $700 for her wedding, starting from the preparation period, my best friend will no doubt spend a few hundred times more at the end of this all. Her husband has proven to be the most patience and forgiving man during this period and i am very pleased Besties has made a decision even i cannot be convince otherwise.

The wedding also brought back the very solid and close bonded friendship Sharon & i shared, as we go through every single little details of her wedding, up till the completion. I was also introduce to a whole new, fun side of her close friends whom i was used to be separated from. I learnt how lucky my best friend is to be constantly surround within the favor of these fun filled people. They were the ones to stay behind, cleared every mess and contribute to every part of this successful wedding.

The best men Kive has "hired" were a full-force gangho guys that could down every single "sabotage" that was planned in lined for them. I like how they had planned strategically their every next move in order to pleased the Bridesmaid into opening the door. Every single Best man had a forte for one thing during the gate crashing, the certificate i had painstakingly made for my Besties was also determiningly signed by her Hubby, i believed since this was done in witness of all the Bridesmaids & Bestmen in unanimous, Kive had abide the loyalty & faithfulness he had pledged to Sharon, and they shall live up to their vows for as long as both shall live.

If there was another person i can vividly remember from this event, that would have to be Besties Dad, the one man i had never dared spoke to ever since i was 13. He was a fierce Uncle i know only to greet each time i pop by Sharon's place.  During the chaotic gate crashing, Uncle and reminded us Brides maids that the true essence of the gate crashing is not to "bully" but to pamper the guys... Despite our protests that they will still need some "sabotage" here and there, we eventually gave in and treated the guys to a sumptous treats of cheese, ham, bread goodness..... Tell me which future Father-in-law pampers his new son like Uncle does? Kive is one hell of a lucky man, Uncle loves his daughter and treats the man she picked like a true son..... this is one romantic fairy tale =)

Also contributing wholeheartedly to this event is Besties closet cuzzie - LiJan. i could feel, with every bit of my heart, that she was as sincere as i was to making this wedding works. Prior to the big day, Li Jan left her job and commited 100% into Sharon & Kive's big day, she was also the who had to do the driving (since i couldnt) and we were part of the cars that had zoom around half of singapore at least thrice to complete the agenda yesterday. Kudos to LiJan for planning every single bit of the wedding and to assure my panicky heart each time i ask her in exclaimation if something had been done....    she is like my psych, someone who reassure me all is doing fine.

I was given the task to host the event and like i would have guessed, i forget about stage fright thanks to the sleepless night, my co-host had down a couple of alcohol to garner enough courage to join me on stage. I must say we did pretty well, even thou i had almost crashed Kive's effort halfway when i didnt knew the Montage wasnt reaching it end and cue for the couple to do their first march in.    Thank God for the other Best men and the in-charge of the banquet, we mange to squeeze that in and all was well towards the end.

My boyfriend was the most committed, being all worked up that i hadnt sleep the night before and had quickly secured a car to fetch me home first thing when the wedding came to an end. By then i had already begin floating quest, rmembering nothing much apart from showering and then fell flat on the bed with the towel on my dripping wet hair. Dad&Mum must have attended to me during the night for i woke up nicely tucked in bed, hair all dried and the towel hung nicely in the bathroom..

To sum it off, the wedding was a success, and i am dead dead beat..... i wouldnt want to plan another wedding unless like this one with Sharon, i am convinced that i want it to be a huge huge success..


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