Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hong kong coming

it dawn upon me how i was nearing my trip to Hong Kong, and the excitements kicks in a little.

The hardworking boyfriend has long planned a series of activity we are going to doing during the short stay.. sigh.. i always wanted every holiday to last longer... what is everyone planning trips that are 5 days or lesser, why cant we afford a longer oversea stay and exploring new places that are not recommend via Googling?

Anyhow.. here are some to-do list:-

Drop by H&M at Central Hong Kong or Tsim Sha Tsui!
i reckon i wouldnt be packing alot of clothing over, i had bbbb's consent to pack as minumun as possible and simply grab clothes along the way.

Since the weather (as advise by my Hong Kong friend Grace) is Humid & rainy, there are bound to be chance where we cannot stick to our plan, and then MAYBE i can camp in H&M and purchase enough clothing to last me my entire stay.  It's gnna be pricetag friendly too so i am not too worried about the cost =)

Take pictures
This trip would be another one i clock with bbbbbbbbbbb..... the best i've been to was the entire month i've stayed in Europe, exploring his way of living as a foreign student.

Thou we often spoke about revisiting that magical place, we are both tied down by work commitment as we aim to work up the corporate ladder at the shortest time possible.

Thus, the Hong Kong trip should be one i am thankful for, and the sweetest boy purchased a package to make another one of our rodkris Album for the year 2012, so i wanna remind myself times and times again to capture his smile and have them publish onto the book, one that i will look back and remember how he has pamper me and treated me nicely =)

A simple yet cherish-able purchase from Prada outlet
 i am crossing my finger to get something i will love all the same. Till today i still cant stop taking a second look each time i took out the wallet bbbbbb got me for my birthday..

The classic design is to-die-for, and i am one of its lucky owner =)

A Saffiano leather pouch would be ideal, bbbb  nags at me all day long for not dumping my belong with him each time we set off for a short outing over the weekend. I often give him the same excuse of not wanting to carry the handbag i brought over and that my wallet & iphone were too bulky to carry on my hand... haha..

i am loving how the shade of green compliment the Gold so well that the green is suddenly "recognise" as the upper class trend.. its a little hard to apprehend what i am saying but when i was little i always thought purple & green were the least favored color by others and were thus the "lower class". I guess i can no longer assume this :)

Another pretty piece that looks really suitable to be placed together with my exising wallet, i am crossing my finger that this flat pouch cost less than S$400 so wouldnt hesitate to get them ...
My soft spots are for big&bulky bag,. something bbbb can never share. i get extremely excited if the bag i receive has lotsa compartment to explore. This Saffiano Leather tote are like all the others bag i would have had at home, but the color give me a very classic vibe that i believe would not go out of trend easily.

However, i am pretty sure the price is going to be crazy and since i aim to get a small but cherish-able good, this is out of my league =(

Nevertheless, its the company that is important, i cant wait to share some moment with bbbb that does not include talks about our day at work, or the local food we have grown to sick of.

They say anticipation leads to disappointment, so i shant wish for the moon only to land on the clouds.

i am going to Hong Kong with a lightheart mind, a trip i so need to take picture of me and bbb.. like a romantic trip - no?

haha.. no.. not really...  bbbb's Mum, sis, and babysis are joining us on the trip.... dont think so much le.... bye =)

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