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I've always have a habit of picking out words i find interesting and googling it till i get the meaning (like how bbbbbbb name me the google-girl) So today i was reading a blog entry and chance upon this word "doppelganger" and found it very interesting thus lead me into a exessive amount of research.

The general meaning of the word doppelganger (pronounce dope-per-gang-ger) was use to mean somebody of the same kind, A ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshly counterpart.

Upon further research i came across countless entires of doppelganger sighting among us people, with some relating doppelganger diretly to death. Many has said that the sighting of doppelganger is a bad sign and usually means a misfortune is about to befall. I am unsure how true this may be but some stories are taken from famous people (i.e Queen Elizabeth i cannot remember which one).

One particular entry about how a school teacher in the 1980s was very well known among her students for her "evil-twin"/doppelgang that would appear randomly during her class, many times mimicking her movement (one time she was teaching and writing on the chalkboard and all of a sudden the entire class of 42 students witness how her doppelganger mysteriously walk into the classroom, mimick her exact same movement EXCEPT without the chalk) (another incident was when the students were attending sewing class one afternoon and could clearly see outside their classroom window that their teacher was by the garden doing her planting, the next moment they saw her doppelganger appear sitted right in  front of her usual chair, looking pale and not moving at all. two courageous students went forward and attempt to move her lifeless body, but instead of touching her their finger swap right through her body!)

The teacher in question had never saw her doppelganger but claim each time there was a sighting by the students she tend to feel very out of breath and tired, as thou her energy had been shared by another self.

Interesting (and a little creepy right?). Many of them have link doppelganger as a direct relation to haunted experience, while a rational lots suggest the existence of doppelganger could arise from astral projection.

Which brings us to another point- what is astral projection? Had it not been for i would never come across this words (yes i googled about it WAY BEFORE i learnt about doppelganger).

At one point of the 9gag hype, astral projection was "the thing" and there were many arguements about how we can uplift ourselve from the physical body by staying conscious as you are about to fall asleep, read here on the "how-to" (i am advising you not to give it a shot as many have claim it was one of their worst experience/sighting/encounter in their life.

Anyway, in short, with astral projection, you an separate your "soul" from your body (subconsciously it should feel like you are dreaming EXCEPT you can ACTUALLY see your body asleep, right where you left yourself). From then on you can explore what lies beneath the human world, as a cross over into your "dream-world". If you, like me, had seen this movie (insidious.... gosh.. it gives me the WORST goosebump ever) you would have a rough idea of how astral projection works, and also how many claims of sighting the netherworld can take place here.

the thought of the movie Insidious still gives me much goosebump, i remembered it was back when i was putting up at bbbbbbbbb place and one weekday afternoon while everyone has left for work/shopping i've decided to plug on my earpiece to catch the movie all-by-myself (for your info, bbbbbbb hates horror movie, and not wanting to disappoint me, he would get hold of these movies-download, purchase whatsoever- and leave it in his computer so i can catch them when i want to)      

I vividly remember how i was so frequently freak out by the movie that towards the middle i could no longer plug my earpiece and instead had to put it on mute so i breathe a little (yes yes i forget to breathe when the movie gets too good).... Lil'sis caught the same movie in the cinema and after some verification i would just like to highlight that Singapore theatre has certainly does a good job in censoring what could be the ESSENCE of this horror, anyone who wants to be scared out of their wits should get hold of the original film and watch it alone - YES watch it with your earplug, full blast sound quality in a dark room- like me!

okokok.. i am drifting away... so back to doppelganger, since many sightings of a evil twin were also encounter by a third party
  • i.e a brother saw his sister in the room when she was working,OR
  • a girlfriend saw her boyfriend doing his stuff in the living room, and saw him again sleeping the room, both "boyfriend" wearing entirely different attire
Some have explain these sightings was done when the person subconscisouly drift from his body while asleep and the "soul" wonders around in the "other" world, even as it appears to the third party that he is living in the "current"world. A little hard to understand - but - IYKWIM *wink*

i guess its amazing how a lot of things are taking place when we have no freaking idea how it happened. i ever came across an article that teaches people how to hold your breath till you faint, and for that split second experience dejavu or simply experience "flash-images" of your living life. How true is that? i cannot tell, but i have seen pictures on STOMP on how alot of students nowadays have put this to the test, the video they took look so real and these student faint so sudden it really freak me out a little.

i also tried recalling if i had my own doppelganger experience? Nope, but i remember one period of my childhood that was really unexplainable.

So those who know me by now will know of my brother who was a year younger than me, we shared similar childhood and we were usually taken care of by our maid, fed the same stuff, attended the same kindergarten and played the same toy.

My bro had an imaginery friend, not the sort you would laugh over as you grow up. His friend was a Uncle we both name "黑人牙膏叔叔" due to this look. I have NEVER see this Uncle in my life but "he" would visit my brother at about the same time every day  (for YEARS) and they would play some games on their own while i stand at a corner, all jealous and angry about how "he" wouldnt play with me instead.

My bro claim "he" look like a man from the past, dress neatly in Tux and had a tall hat, he also had the acient moustache.

How i had imagine "him" to look like according to my brother's description.

Anyhow, he kept my brother accompanied for years during our kindergarten days, our maid will force us to take afternoon nap and while i lie on the mattress pretending to sleep, i would see how my bro spend the entire afternoon playing with "him". He would toss the eraser he had gotten from school on the floor, and then giggled talk to "him", pick up the eraser and continue playing. My memories of him stayed on for years till he eventually stop talking about him.

So a couple of years back (i am 25 now so my bro is 24) i ask Gary about this "Uncle" friend when he was a kid, he hesitated for a while, finds it hard to explain how the uncle came about, took a even longer time figuring if he truly exist, and eventually told me the uncle "should" exist as he has a clear image of how he look like in his head.

Weird, i know right? In fact i didnt find it creepy, more like "amazing" how as young kids, we had both came across (him as the main lead and me as the calefare) an experience that could keep us thinking till date.

Do anyone i know share a similar sighting? Or a doppelganger perhaps?


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