Friday, March 21, 2014

i re-watched this cute video (only 20seconds long) at least 20 times already.. there is no behind-story for this but i feel sooooo related to this twinnies, especially with the current situation i am in. Some of this situation include :-

with reference to [beep] my forehead
  • tying the knot procedures
  • trying to mimick the Korean dewy makeupless-makeup face
  • trying not to skip episode while watching "My Love from another Star"
With reference to "you [Beep] all my stuff, what am i suppose to [Beep] now?

  • Manicure, bridal fashion & hotel designs
  • the upcoming test!!!~
Yes, shit just got real. Not much relevation on how true the things above is about to take place.. i wish i can be solid-firm about it & just blog them all out.. but nope, i want to remain lip-tight heehee.. 

and omg, the twins are sooooo cute i wish i had twins in future that is equally adorable & pretty... like pretty face is a plus point liao- not it comes in two (wth... double the bonus .. really!!~)


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