Saturday, December 17, 2011

if i'm single by 25

Tonight i thought to myself how life would be if i had been single at age 25:-

I'll be motivated to save more than enough just to spend it all by travelling overseas.

I'll be renting an apartment where i could have my sister/best friend/buddies drop by to drink chocolate/alcohol and chatting over pizza and watching chick

I'll be grabbing that awesome mini body hugging dress i love, while popping diet pills for lunch

I'll be shopping on friday, going for thrill drive with a couple of my mates..

i'll be doing healthier stuff such as indoor tennis every weekend after work, after which my pals and i will dip in the pool, drink tiny liquor while chatting by the tanning bed (haha.. i've got picture of myself doing this, tanning while reading a novel in Sentosa beach while Rem blades under the hot sun, and we were drinking red wine)

If my friends happen to be free altogether on weekend,
i'll make us all crashed one's room, chatting while singing to Smurf and rolling on each others' bed.

I'll spend $20 per month getting a Vivi mag, Cleo and Harper's Bazaar Maga to get inspired of the latest trend.

i'll crash my pals' cupboard and squeeze into tiny pieces of outfit they own.

i'll set aside $100 to get my nails done in a different design every month, and try to make it last for a month, looking like a hot stuff who couldnt do house work.

I'll smile to the guys that my pals hinted was interested in me agree to hang out on a few dates with them. If things didnt turn out well between us, i;ll gather them for my usual weekend drinking session and i;ll stand in as their date when they need one

I'll grab that same dress i cant stop thinking about since June 2011. (and i have stop thinking.... )

i'll force feed my foot into some sexy heels and wear them even if my feets are peeling and burning with blisters.

I'll wear sexier clothes, because i dont stand to lose.

I'll STOP sounding like a jokey fool when i am out with my friend's friends or colleagues, and skip all the stuff i deliberately said to make myself unavailable.

I'll spent MORE on eating LESSER

i'll swipe my card and care less about paying up next month. Heck! i work hard all weekday to pamper myself!

i'll visit the salon and pamper my hair, i'll have awesome hair colours that i like. And not those colours i had on so i wouldnt have to "touch up" for the next few months...

I'll smile like a sweet girl and talk like my normal sweet voice.. i'll stop lowering my voice to sound like an angry old woman

I;ll spend more time outdoor.. not so homely like i am now...

I'll help my best guy friend Fireman find a good gf.

I'll accompany my Dad out with my sister and he can show off his two pretty daughters... and he'll be the known lucky father of 2 pretty girls.. haha

i'll head to Bangkok with Gary more often, and i'll stop giving excuses about not being able to start my online blogshop like FINALLY.

i'll sleep in a hotel room ALL BY MYSELF

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