Thursday, December 01, 2011


In a fouled mood today due to work.... its my fault and i feel bad, so much so that i am angry with myself right now.

its lunch time and i am eating in - as usual. By now everyone has grown to seeing me lunching on lunchboxes that i brought from home, its a good thing because i am eating healthily and that i have saved so much money simply by not lunching out, but its a bad thing cos i fail to meet up and chit chat with the colleagues over lunch, i feel like i am outcasting myself in some ways...

so anyway today feels really dull, the office feels cold and quiet, i'm concentrating 100% on finishing my work, making sure i've read all related emails on the orders i am going to placed for shipment. i kept telling myself that mistakes are unavoidable (and that i am relatively new in this industry).... but since i'm such a perfectionist sometimes, i couldnt knock this sense onto myself.

Yesterday was payday and till now i' haven't got around working out the $$ to transfer to the relevant account (FYI, i have a saving a/c, return-the-loan a/c, and spending a/c). the spending a/c is further broken down into $100 (online shopping ), credit card payment a/c and $90 top-up farecard.. etc etc.. i'm a mental freak IKR, cant help it since i'll very much like to maintain that sort of frugal lifestyle i had all these years while working-studying.

Anyway, rantings aside, i;ve got good stuff to share..

Those who had heart-to-heart talks with me probably knows about my connections with baby (spiritually) - no i havent been pregnant, nv was, didnt even get close to it whatsoever, but babies are like my weakness, infact my greatest weakness..

So here's what i found off the net last night, they make me smile... and jsut by looking at them now, i felt a tinge of comfort... =)

the ONLY thing that can melt your hearts immediately ..............

Look Ma! Santa-swimming-- baby?!!?!?!?

Will swim for hugs <3

yes i'm holding my breathe correctly..
can i come up now?

 and here's the one that REALLY make me melt (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...............)

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