Tuesday, August 21, 2012

4th year of dating.. one mini-celebration

My happiest day in 2012 falls n August 11, 2012.... the day where bbbb first held my hand under the shaving cream section of NTUC along Serangoon Gardens back in 2008 =)

It was suppose to fall on 8Aug2008, per his knowledge it was significant for him to try his luck on 08.08.08, a symbol of anything properous in the chinese belief. 

However, much to his dismay, on 8aug2008, i reject his attempt as i was unsure if he was really seriuos about starting a relationship with me or if it was a sudden dare-devil attempt (more like a lucky number stance) he was trying to pull.... 

3 days later after agreeing to hang out for a breakfast, he held my hand tight and did not let go, and despite feeling unsure, i knew i couldnt lie about my feelings... i am glad to say we haven't look back =)

Way in advance prior to the big day (4th years of courtship)... i've been dropping mix hints about my anticipation, one moment i was dead sure i wanted the day to past by like a breeze, and the next moment i was emotional over some baseless assumption that he wasnt planning for anything to mark our special day. 

Done with my mix hints, bbbbb and i finally plan series of events that we were looking forward to doing together, One of them being the HSBC tree-top walk!

About 4km into the route, (armed with all the wrong attires, some arguement thanks for the terrible weather, some finger pointing.. some pouting, some apologies and holding our sticky hands...) we arrived at our first pit stop 

it cant get any more real than this.. the expression on his face on every pic, the same he would offer me thru all this years of dating... 

His conscious attempt to walk behind me on a steep path, just to keep a lookout for me and offer his help whenever needed. i'm dating a gentleman if you might say so. 

one of the experience trekker we bumped into, who was staring intensely onto the pile of grass, on closer look, it was a komodo dragon, making it ways in slow motion.. 

bbbbb always call them my friends, i lived in chinese Garden for a while and grew accustomed to the presence of Komodo dragons during my jogging trips.. most time i follow them closely - much to bbbbb's weak heart... haha.. 

they dont attack unles they sense danger, so as long as you keep your calm, mostly they leave u alone.. 
bbbbb and i got so sick of the trekking (IN MY FLIP FLOPS) .. we both thought we were walking in circle for hours... the greenery looks the same everywhere!

another pit stop - thank God.. 
his usual lessons on map reading - directions- sun- humidity... is making sense at such places!
bbbb's smile getting weaker ,, the sun isnt helping much

MOnkeys!!!!~ i am sooooooooooo scared of Monkeys....  they are EVERYWHERE...!!! and am the MOST afraid if bbbb and i spot them, and realize if we turn back, there are more coming our way... with all the long route, it is IMPOSSIBLE to choose an alternate route... i almost cried so badly when a monkey stood calmly in the middle of the trek, and i realize bbbb and i were the ONLY ones on the route at that time... i calmly turn my body around to walk back wards.. BUT THERE WERE SO MANY MORE MONKEYS,.... i held on so tightly onto bbbbbbbb's hand i almost fainted. 

I always complain about how i was braver than him, and i use to whine about how he will dump me behind if we were both in danger and one get to escape. i could seriously tell bbbbb was scared of the lonesome figure blocking our path, the Monkey was injured and had patches of rotten skin all over its body, it was a obvious hint that he was used to attack (i've seen monkeyS attack that same morning before beginnng my walk into the forest. 

ANYHOOT!!- we held on our hand, with my nearer to the vicious lonesome Monkey but walking in the front and him following closely behind, slightly further away from the Monkey so as to provide help if needed *(or so i assume).....    he told me to keep my cool and i half open my eyes, half about to cry... and both of us cross pathway with the vicious Monkey, who sneered a little at us.. i couldnt rememner the rest.. 

i made him my hero that afternoon =) but after that experience he reprimanded me for not following closely with the crowd and straying away in bewilderment at the beauty of nature...=(     

i stick closely to him thereafter!
we've finally accomplished our aims for the morning - HSBC treetop walk!
helping each other with the pictures.. the bridge is too slim and there were people trying to cross.. its impossible to stay on the bridge to do enough camwhore... i wish i was there longer.. its a single way bridge.. so if u are keen on taking a second walk, you have to make a major detour... bad idea.. 
zonked out faces..... beaten by the blazing sun.... forcing a smile.. trying to keep our mini-chinese eyes open.. 
i am honestly impressed at my determination to conquer the 11km trek despite donning the wrong attire.. the flip flops resulted in 2 weeks of blister and peeling feet, but i am not complaining.. 

the scnery was magnificent.. i am trying to absorb all the magic
its hard not to fear when u are focus on height above the ground you are hanging up on... 
bbbb kept really quiet too..i could tell he was enjpying the fantastic view from the bridge.. 
apologies, my mischief does not stoop low... i manage to stay "afloat" despite being this high above the ground 
one huge spastic and irritating look before we bid the bridge goodbye. 
all that walk for the tree-top done - his constant reminder not to get dehydrated,.. 
patiently keeping away the water supply that he knew i would make a big fuss of, if i was assigned the task to carry it! ahah
about to drop me a warning stare for not following closely and being drifted into my magical lala-nonsence land
drop his "keep-up darby!" warning shout
my instant reaction, a -.-" in the form of a black-white bridge.. haha..   its time for the walking back journey-- what!!!!!
the countless steps we took
more downward steps i took =(
him trying to slow down to wait up for me, but realizing i was taking far too much time with the steps.. 
final straw to keeping his gf close beside him.. heehee
first sight of humanity restored!
the sun continue to shine - unconditionally... yuck!

frustrated boy... walking away to hide from the sun.. no shelter in sight if u notice.
water finally!!.. looks like we are near where we started

bbbbbbbbb's lesson on map-reading restarted
 a hug to my poor bbbb.. force to accompany me on this expediture
bbbb all cheered up.. its our anniversary!
last part of the trekking, 2 km of wooden platform.. disgruntled.. i miss home..~

where we were an hour ago.. and where we are later!
the man who still hangs on.. =)
bbbb needed a break.. from all that walking.. his first request after 4 hrs.. 
and then we are FINALLY BACK at Macritchie Reservoir, having conquer Bukit Timah hill, HSBC tree top walk~~

My boyfriend... his accomplshment.. and a satisfied smile... 

and we drove off to a lunch we had been craving since 4 hrs ago... 
its Xin Wang cafe.. and a boy  who is sooooooo zonked out his eyelid turn double!!~ 

then its back to his place.. to take a long nap before we begin part 2 of our mini-celebration =)


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