Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Those days where the digit-code was the trend here are some numbers that make perfect sense when you "page" your "stead"

512 - i love you, some dialect that was directly translated, thou i have no idea which one
1314 - forever and ever, loosely translated from chinese, quite direct
88 - bye bye
5012124 - sorry. look carefully at the digit and combine 1+2 to make the alphbet R
07734- this is HELLO if you turn the digit upside down

The significance of these digits are argueable. Moving forward where Pager are regarded as monuments you might only find in musuem (i still keep my first one thou), its hard for many "later"generation to understand how eccentric one can get putting the home phone on speaker and pressing "strings" of message to in tears/happiness/anger... for example.......:-
6282737402321535307363636101208 - key this into the page number to get the message "NURSE CALL ROOM 28"

43074817343523204031 --> I STRIKE 4 D
5182748143620224332223273 --> JUSTIN BIEBER

413281042636132062639106373031636281023636132022212352 --> GET HOME NOW OR DONT COME BACK

520 - I love you --> 20may2012
With this much number to play around your fingers back in the early 1997, i can fully understand how so many of my friends choose an "auspicious" date to mark their anniversary.

Starting with some good news

Congrats to the lovebirds, Jamie & Victor!
Jamie, also the co-founder of is my classmates back in the poly days. I actually dont remmeber us being very close at the beginning but fate took a twist and somehow towards the end of poly lives we hit off pretty well, together with a couple of other girls.

Jamie has been seeing Victor for a while now, they met in SIM (why didnt i met any potential partner there? haha) and am soon about to embark on a new journey as fiance/fiancee. She is without a doubt the first in my poly cliques to public annouce her proposal - which sounded like a fairy tale came through. I am super happy for you Girl!!!!!~

Jamie is also one person who choose to live up her dream, having work really hard on her blogshop. She recently left her permanent job to fully concentrate on her online business and this seems to pay off cos the latest news i heard, TheStageWalk has place a downpayment for a decent office space, the business is certainty on their way to making its mark!

bbbbbb's brother gather enough courage to drag his mum/sis to select a ring for his gf some weeks back. And before any of us can gasp at the brightness of the solitaire, she said yes!

Speedy i must say! thumbs up for the courage and here's one man who set his mind on doing something and went on with it. bbbbbb's family is now pack with events, with the major 2 being the upcoming wedding of bbbbbb's Sister&her boyfriend of 12 years, and another wedding on the list for bbbbbb's brother and his gf.     i bet bbbbbbbb's parents are openly beaming with joy....

And all the ladies at home will be joyfully shopping for new dresses to wear, there is always a reason for a new dress.. heehee..

On the same day - 520 - 20may2012 i've heard/known about 3 other couples that had tied the knot/ said yes to a proposal. In a year from now there will be alot of couple swarming the restaurant with their lucky other half celebrating their anniversary, and it all happen on the same day for the same reason...

The reason is 520 - because  I Love you


Envy will do.. heehee.. i am not too keen on hearing my own wedding bells.. especially since 2012~2013 is "full" liao haha... but butbut... there is every reason to recommend everyone to look forward to some auspicious date..  hurhurhur


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