Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fashion Victim

Woman are victim of fashion. and i am not just pitying myself. 

I have a strange habit of throwing clothes away... every 2 months a large cupboard worth of clothes gets dump by me... a stress reliever maybe, but definitely not a good safekeepre if you ask me

bbbbbbb is frankly not in favor of my clothes throwing tactics, he sees me felling head over heel over with one piece of clothes.. and struggle to buy it because of the price.. then when i finally got it.. he sees me dumping them away in less than a year... 

Not too long into our courtship he starts reducing my budget for shopping- in a attempt to save on the pain sufferring when he sees them dump and donated. 

I love the clothes all the same, i wont lie about it.. but the action of packing them neatly into the cupboard boxes and donating to some needy charity makes me feel super accomplished.. You dont know how i long for the same piece of clothes.. only to remind myself "you dump them,,. remember?'

it seems the action of giving them away gives me more pleasure than to rewear them... this is also one excuses i give myself to buy more clothes in return.. this is a vicious cycle. not a good habit.. but fashion is a never ending cycle, mostly we get by what we no longer have and buy the next pretty ones on the shelf... 

Material goods are never that treasure by me than friendship & relationship ever would... I keep stack boxes after stack boxes of snail mailed letter i've exchange over the years.. the earliest letter i've collect started at age 7, and she was the granddaughter of my grandmother's sister... i keep every letter she sent me with pride.. and neatly placed with the rest... 

Miraculously.. i never remove any gift that comes along the letter i received. I use to have a pen-pal who is very fond of giving me present along with our letter, sometimes its pencil, and other times its postcard of our favorite pop-group Spice girls.. 

i kept them all with me dearly, nearly 18 years into my collection =)
The crochet shorts are the trendiest things around SG in the month of may - july2012. It started with ZARA selling them  at $59.90, i saw, hold my breathe at its beauty, den sulk and decided it wasnt worth the money..

Not too long after there were copy of it made everywhere.. some in elastic wasistband, the ideal shorts for my size since i was trying really hard to downsize on my figure. The cheapest i've found cost $12, still i hesitated in purchasing them because i wanted one that was as perfect as the pair i saw in ZARA. 

And then comes Cotton On, the local favorite clothing store that sells everything at a discount, they carry the same design in bandage skirts (and so did all the local Blogshops who manage to catchup and manufactured the same)... i was dumdfounded and the transition but secretly happy that i will soon find an amazing skirt fit for work at half the price i would have pay at ZARA. 

Eventually, long story short.. a good friend needed help with money, owned a pair of crochet shorts she reckon suits me, and i bought it verbally from her... and thats how i ended up with a pair crochet shorts, not as cheap as the ones i saw duplicated, not the colour i would have fancy, but a pair that tells a story.. One that reminds me i would have done the same for any friends, buying clothes from them that they dont fancy.... =)
I had not freaking idea how sandals/gladiator returns quietly and took the fashion market by surprise. No there wasnt any big brand that had mass-sell them - perhaps only my new favorite brand - Tory Burch. 

i manage to squeeze some time prior to my HK trip and seek bbbbbb's company to hunt down sandals for all the walking we would have done at HK. Eventually there was a pair i so loved -worned- and almost of at the end of its service i picked at bugis street.. i feel happily i can paired it really well.. a pity its too worn out to deserve a picture on its own by now... =(
Arm swag - a new term coin by alot of girls online.. it refers a combination of bracelet, friendship bands, leather cuff and anything that produces a amazingly pretty sight when worn together.... 

The idea is to mix-match the armswag with ur attire.. and by that u have to be mentally prepare to wear alot of colours.. mostly neon can pull off any arm swag.. Otherwise its best to stay safe with Tribal prints.. and a plain old shorts.. you cannot go very wrong. 
i have such a soft spot for racer neck line - the idea of cutting in the sleeve deeper like the back of a racer tank would.... is soooooooo unique.. 

i think it wil take me a long while to give up trying to find similar tops... despite me knowing very well how it only endwell the body and make one look exceptionally "voluptuous" - not a good thing in my opinion

who would have ever though chiffon+tiffany blue+gold makes such perfect combination?!?!?

.. Consider singapore has summer-all year round.. this is the ideal attire i want to wear - if not for the dressing policy that is tied down with the occupation i work in =(
this is the attire i have pinned to wear to work, nothing too revealing or too uncomfortable to last the whole day sitting by my desk !

i like to call this my "rich-girl" look.. like you didnt really try very hard to put on your assembled but - hey- it looks too perfect, clean and rich to get pinpoint...haha.. 


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