Thursday, August 23, 2012

Backdated post since April 2012

Taken in 2006 when i was 19yr old

My clothing style in 2006

How much have changed since the blogosphere came into place?   i started blogging in 2003,ending my entries abruptly when i no longer feel like finishing it... Was i a rebel? probably never, i dunno how else to see myself all this years apart from a girl without an identity.

I remember being jealous about anything-everything! i was jealous that my best friend had her bf and i didnt had mine, or that my bf wasnt anyting like my best friend's bf... i remember losing grip with fashion too, always dressing up in attire i felt was the best my body could fit.

I had friends from over the years, and i catch up with them alot. Last night bbbb texted and asked who i was meeting, and i told him it was French-Hai^er-Celina... and that today i was meeting besties Sharon and tomorrow i;ll be catching up with my polymates...

i am someone without a group identity, lately i found out back then i did not have a fix group of friends, it could also be because of this that i am able to catchup with diff bunch of ex-clasmates without feeling too awkward. I dunno if this is a good thing - you tell me!

(part of myself losing identity in 2006, thinking falsies was THE thing, therefore my thing)

i guess it was ok to lose myself then, i was young and to alot of people i was doing ok. Some found me cool (i was actualy trying too hard to stay quiet) others think i am stuck up (not that they tell me right in my face, i just figured)

The years gone on and the last few years were crap- mostly! haha... Supposedly we thought that as we grow older we became wiser, i didnt had the chance to...

2008 was the same year i ended a romance i had held on for about 2 years? He was a good friend and we tried dating for the second time since we knew each other, the first time i was  too young and gullible and couldn;t accept his mindset, and the second time i felt i needed to move on...

Nevertheless, He and i remain good friends

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