Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keep up With the SG ladies

Dear keeping-up-with-the ladies Kristal,
some attires to work maybe?

Typical working clothes - no flesh, no shorts, no minis
peplum top and the new tiff-skinnies craze (thank God for finding it at $12 in Hong Kong)
Long sleeves plain shirt with maxi skirt ( i realize hi-low isnt my style.. so its maxi skirt - perhaps with a side slit) to pull this off... oh.. and heels for us shorties!
same peplum combi with a throw on blazer for a bold statement... Under the SG hot weather?! i''ll reconsider twice
recently realized i suck with Polo cos the chest areas looks very very bad, and heavy, and out-of-shape. 
Hence i've decided to color-splash my polo, or sewn beads on them to draw the attention away... 

And with a skinnies you look as good as the Duchess can do... (who ya kidding?)
side slit! Side Slit!!! i am buying a scissor to open up all my maxi skirt NOW!!~

okok.. not going to do that.. imagine the wind blow, my fleshy thigns show... and who am i try to seek justice from with such a revealing skirt?
atlas it seems the blazer collection needs to buck up, i love the dress but then again reckon anything will go well as long as its White on the inside... So Hot Pink Blazer... be warned, i am hunting you down!~
i am really loving this style, but what if i remove the hat? In Sg with this set of clothing withOUT the hat, we call them the "virgins".... (or so i tot , its the height, oriental face and bad floral print on skirt)
as i pulled this image out i realize i can repeat some of the clothes to make up MOST of the "attires to work" here.. 

Here are the staple piece:-
  1. Skinnies, in a whole new colour OTHER than white, Black, Grey, Dark Blue
  2. Blazer OTHER than black, Grey or those from G2000
  3. Plain white shirt (must be LONG sleeve)
  4. Sunnies (Jay chou RayBan sunnies, not some plastic ones)
  5. Leather Bag to carry on the arm
  6. Peplum top
See?!~ all i need now is to get the staple pieces above and MAYBE i can pull off the "keeping up with the ladies" thing... okok.. now its back to find cheap deals.. 

Have fun shopping Ladies!


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