Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some Nights

Despite graduating from Deyi Sec from almost a decade/.... Some of us are still making effort to do meetups every now and then... 

The peeps we call "M" are friends from way back, we split up into different class by age 15 and hardly talk then... 10 years later we are attempting to revive the "very-young" times again.. 

I dunno how rough must have been back in sec school, she is my bitch and i am hers.

Madonna & MacDonald i think 

Zi Ann and his gf

Mysterious from my Sec School that i was forbid to mention

I think i cried? bbbbb was so upset he almost drop everything he had on hand to come by and "rescue" me, and with that being said it's gonna take a long time before I agree to hang out like this again. 

It all started when we agreed to meet at Wild Honey (courtesy of the planning between Bitch & i)... Timing was set at 7.30pm, and despite warning from M that he was going to be late, we fix the meetup at 7.30pm anyway since no other object, which also meant we were going to meet first till M comes.. 

You know me well, i hate to be late, for friends' date, courtship, for class, for work, for bathing, i try as much as i could to be punctual (early, but punctuality is what matters to me).... 

So i reached early, 6.30pm, no biggie, i made my way around Somerset (deliberately alighting a stop early so i could waste time walking to Orchard Scotts, which was where we had arrange to meet. 

Then at 7pm, i walk towards to paragon and slowly made my way to scotts, walking PAST scotts into Far east plaza to waste even MORE time till we hit the schedule meetup timing at 7.30pm. 

7.30pm - decided they were going to be late so i walked into Wild Honey at the reserved timing and sat in a Large table enough to seat us all (actually 6 pax)... 

7.45pm  -things are getting awkward, i still wasnt receiving text from the peeps, the waiters are staring at me really hard... weird stares,, i wonder why. To stop them from thinking i was here to freeload, i ordered myself a cup of their fruit tea... then it was sipping, crowd watching and time wasting.. 

7.51pm - one staff walked over and asked if my peeps were coming anytime soon, i replied i wasnt sure, he looks concern.. so were the crowd i was staring at, constantly turning their heads to see if my peeps were coming, i tried to ignore the stares and remain my calm

7.54pm - a staff came forward and told me they'll be closing at 9pm and last order comes in at about 8.30pm. 8.30PM!~! and those ppl are still not here!! That explains why i was being stared by everyone!

8.00pm - i was pissed to my maximum with my ever-late peeps and decided to call it a day with the encouragement from bbbb, he even suggested i ordered some food and dine alone at Wild Honey (which i would have gladly do if i WASNT given the BEST seats with everyone knowing i was eating with spooky friends if they try to look into my direction)

8.05pm - i call out to the waiter who asked me again what time my friends were coming, i was about to cry because i felt so alone and was suddenly awared i had been "put aeroplane".... i couldnt reply his question but instead asked for the bill, for my pathetic Iced Fruit Tea. 

8.10pm - amidst the crowd who now knows i was being "put aeroplane", i packed my bag and stuff and calmly make my way to the entrance, i could hear them mostly go "her friends didnt turn up",, I WANTED TO SOB MISERABLY

i finally left Wild Honey at 8 plus, as upset as a kid whose Ice Cream melted without her tasting, i never felt this bullied, by a bunch of ppl i so trust...... 

Not too long after, Bitch turn up and was trying to reach me by phone, i was feeling so terrible i hang up on her.. 
She walked beside me, as i brisk walk in anger, not knowing where to head next. i was pissed, so pissed at them and their punctuality problem. The problem with me (that my boyfriends and closer friends know about is that if i am REALLY angry, i will keep extremely quiet to absorb my thoughts and that is pretty scary)

Fortunately, thanks to the recent positivity in me the anger subsided pretty quick and I demanded to eat dinner [cos i was too sick of trying to be nice to the people who werent worth it]. So Bitch quietly joined me and we settle dinner at Ayam Penyet in Lucky Plaza. 

Then the rest finally showed up, and i was starting to forgive them (Thank You the Universe for the ability to look beyond the things that shouldnt matter)
Bitch, who still tries to appease me, Thank God for her arriving at the right time. 
a treat from the peeps for being late (not yet forgiven)
Another bowl of dessert i wanted to eat.. that they treat.. that we shared (still not forgiven)

And after a very short chat i left their company and headed home (afterall i am staying in Chinese Garden and it was the 7th month so i needed to be home in one piece without bbbb worrying for me)

bbbb was truly angry no doubt, he had never ever make me wait for him, so he wouldnt allow others to do it too... and this time they did, so he couldn't forgive them.. but bbbb is actually a soft hearted man underneath his fierce front, so my friends did eventually pulled off enough sincerity to earn his trust again. 

And that was one night i find hard to forget.. 


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