Monday, September 24, 2012

My Henna photoshoot - pre-shoot

Never a huge fan of thick makeup (thou i am pretty much sold after the experiene with Anitha)  ... 

Anitha was a friend of mine back in 2008 when i was working in a scam-firm *now closed.. both of us suffered under the hands of the meanie manager, thus continue to keep in contact years later... just checking out on our lives over facebook =)

So Anitha has been an expert for Henna for a while now, she recently contacted me with the intention to do Henna for a Chinese.. 

You see, Henna is a cultural beauty regime that is very popular among the Malays & Indians. Chinese however, do not come close to using Henna on our daily lives. I, however, look upon Henna like a temporary tattoo  and have a few experience to having Henna on the back of my hands, like how i would see my classmates do in the past. 

So to cut the story short, and given the opportunity to actually been chosen by Anitha during a draw recorded on youtube, i became a Henna Model - at least for a day =)))

That same saturday morning, sweet bbbbb woke up as early as i did and sent me to pioneer, where Anitha was located.

We got down to make up immedaitely
concussed face.. i look like a man from this angle, and that sucks =(
i admit i never knew how to work smokey eyes, so Anitha demonstrated her marvellous skill
another thing that i failed badly at, falsies, which she apprehend as quick as lightning, and got it fix on my eye like magic.. 
applying the other side, and you'll see how she did my smokey eyes to perfection, i have alot to learn
the main part of our shoot was henna, and i was determined i wasnt going to get Henna done like any others. 

Prior to meeting Anitha, i had discuss with her over msg if i could propose some idea as to how i wanted the Henna to be done.. she was very open to the challenge and together, we came up with something i really really like// 
i know its unlike the usual, but looking like a panel of a dress just sounded so dreamingly amazing....  the pictures i gathered for Anitha were of bridal gowns and Victoria Collar... i must say.. she has amazing hands.. i love it soo much
more picture as Anitha pack her stuff before we set off to our photoshoot... My hair for the day was messy, so i borrowed some hair moose from her to style them 
the end result, with the hair pin up first while we make our way to LakeSide. Both Anitha's mum and maid likes the design she came up with, i can see why. i LOVE them too!
Ms Perfectionist wanted to touch up on the Henna that were drying and falling off fast... she brought along her bag of magic and we had the touch up on on the set. 

Do you know? Even the photos and poses were done and instructed by Anitha? She is a multi-tasker, a very creative artist and one who knows how to do everything correct. We call an end to the shoot within 2 hours, and while i walk home from LakeSide that day, i had ppl coming up to ask about my Henna... 

I need to post the pictures up soon!! i cant wait... you can check out more of Anitha's services here

i will return with the complete set of pictures from Anitha - both Raw and edited.. you'll see her magic alright!

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