Thursday, September 27, 2012

Viv's 23rd birthday

A really delicious snack (YES SNACK) that bbbbb surprise me with last sunday after waking up from a nap  and complaining i was famish... haha

Spoilt by my boyfriend, but at least i acknowledge this ....
(Egg fully cooked because i dont take slimy wet york egg)
Last tuesday, babycuz & i meet up with Dear Cuz to celebrate her belated birthday.. 

Viv has been so busy its almost impossible to date her! Thankfully she manage to squeeze out a bit of time for us that day!

Ray's ordering with a playful grin because we are SOOOOOOOO hungry that our choice of food to order was endless.. 

Oh! and Cotton On Body plastic bag on his right he is bought bra to satisfy his fetish
(which is a false claim cos i know he actually went to get a gym bag that looks pretty man-ish)
Caring YY accompanied Viv for dinner, good to have him around to tame down Viv.. haha
i had my maxi dress on and donn a scarf to brave the blasting air con in Sushi Tei@ Raffles City
We got ready to order

i can tell the waitress was shock at how much we ordered, turns out we did manage to squeeze them all in (eventually skipping dessert)
Sushi, Sashimi Salad, Chawamushi, beef wrap all in double the portion
Than katsu don, soba , roughly a main cost for each person.. 

My camera decides the food was the focus instead of us. 

guys with their serious talk, i admit aloud that thankfully it was nothing about the NS days.. haha
Sneaking on Viv
and forcing the couple to pose for a pic 

Viv needs to spend more time with us, really!
Now that i am shifting over nearer to Ray, i have my cuz immediate company, but we often remind ourselves that our clique comes in a group... 

I wish we could return to the past

Unhappiness aside.... i am glad we finally got to meet up, Ray & i reminded Viv again and again that we should do this often. 

There are also plans to visit Aussie to find Viv's brother who is tying the knot! i cant wait for that to come!

a Real short post today.. but here' s a picture i really love

OOTD - cheap & friendly purchase with Kristal
i love how Ray took this angle of me perfectly!!!~ My maxi dress is a cheap purchase from Primark in UK, the same sets u back at about $17? at the local H&M, its a staple piece.. 

Scarf are touristy gift from bbbbb's Mum's visit to China, you can always replace them with a scarf you already own, or simply do without the scarf

My shoes (now spoilt) cost me only $5 from RUBI, didnt last that long, but i am already in search of a lasting pair of weaved-pumps
Viv worn her typical OL dress coupled with a LV bag & a very pretty pair of heels... Sigh.. i will pick up my  heel-wearing habit, i swear!!!~


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