Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Girly meetups

Been hanging out with the ladies these days... Its reliving days and talking about our lives, updating each other and hearing endless complain about our other halves..

First up is Paperstop, the neighbour i will soon move away from... We are both feeling the need to catch up more often than before, and there are plans of a stayover in the talkings.

I made extra effort to put on a top i've recently made - handsewn by myself!- .
The inspiration came from several top i fancy with the main part being the sleeves cutting in at the collar bone .
i pair the look with a maxi skirt this time... it feels a little awkward, probably stick to wearing something less flair the next time. 

PaperStop gave me some good suggestion and i am now in the making of a similar top with all the elements suggested by my pals. I am hoping to one day place it on sales at a friend's blog, and see if the response is good, whats more unique than seeing my friends wearing a piece of top that is made to measure by myself?
Paperstop had on a knitted huge top coupled with her tiny frame, highwaist florat shorts and her pretty prada bag. 

it was a quick get-together to satisfy a craving we both had. I wanted Mala steamboat since way back that hinted her on twitter, not long later we were both craving it so badly we have to get it conquered. The steamboat didnt turn out all that nice and we had the runs multiple times the next day. I will reconsider satisfying Mala Steamboat craving along Liang Seah street again next time. Its still the branch near sunshine plaza that keeps me craving, albeit the slightly expensive cost... but the location and ambience convince our return, and the spicy level is maximum. 
Mala Steamboat again along Sunshine Plaza soon Minne? 
Then last wednesday is a get-together (FINALLY) with my Happy three friends "Jann & Xue"

Xue started flying some months back and its a lot harder to plan outin these days. We had to find time from her off schedule and coordinate it among ourselve in order to find a good timing to meet. I miss you girls, and i definitely miss those time at Bintan doing water sports with Baby Cuz Ray... Holiday again this years you say?
My getup for the day was a flair maroon dress that i had difficult fitting, i had it since a long time ago and only wear them very few times due to the weird fitting it made my body looks, the colour however was pretty and its hard to ever want to let it go.. 

Its a  sleeveless dress with shoulder strap that you can alternate between spaghetti strap or halter neck, however you want to tied it  btw.
our air stewardess looking really comfortable in a strap dress and comfy birkins sandals
Jann was perhaps the most well-dressed that day? She had on a 3/4 sleeve body fitting tee top coupled with a tribal print bandage skirts that ends below her knee, sexy i must agree=)
we decided on dinner at Full House because it was often full house on weekend so we reckon a surprise trip on weekday wouldnt be that bad. 
we had some dishes to share, and chats over dessert while Jann fill us both in on her trip to Thailand, tempting me to plan one trip there soon so as to join in the fun. It seems the stuff in Bangkok improve so much that its a pity if i have to skip that place one CNY,... 

Not to mention next CNY is in Feb 2013 so there is ample of time to squeeze in a short weekend trip to BKK just to stock up clothing and indulge in good food.. i am soooooo tempted!
after dessert i got fidgetive and suggested strolling the place for some picture taking... Full House always nice areas to capture perfect shots
Jann looking all demure sitting on the sofa
the two ladies i've know for about 14 years now.... Bandmates since sec school
Xue and i use to write to each other like pen-pals would do... #truth
and we also use to have difficulty hanging out as friends because of some silly boy-issue between her and a ex friend. 
They say true friends are those that last, i have to agree=))))
i felt really cold and Xue offer her scarf for some warmth. her scarf was a very pretty piece from form Uniqlo, it was softness to the touch tat i actually kept it on throughout the entire dinner!
we switch location to the "living Room" area for more pic
Xue whipping out her ipad for pictures of the balcony
did you notice Jann's skirt? it's really pretty IRL
really liking Xue's scarf on me.. tempted to get one piece myself.. it helps to keep me warmth too.. 
Xue ended the night with surprise from HER recent trip to BKK (sobx... i wanna go too!!!~)
Each of us got a piece of chiffon scallop tank top from Xue that i really like, cant wait to wear them!
My Henna emprint still not fading.. 

And a final shot of us three. 

Planning another meetup with Happy three Friends soon.. i cant wait =)


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