Friday, August 17, 2012

typing away

Thank you our fellow Malay Singaporean , i am feeling the new year hype, even when i am not don in Baju Kurung or eating the Yummy malay kweys.. 

the long weekend aheads make friday seems too long to be true.. my heart is afloat elsewhere. I am all prepared to enjoy the weekend, doing double checks on my work to ensure i dont return on tuesday to heart attacks, i am dealing with international clients, so unlike us they continue their work next Monday. 

This week i manage to secure only a meetup with paperStop (thank ful for it already)  it was extremely last minute and i am glad she could make it, it was dinner/chat over at "Eat-At-Taipei", the once famously long queue restaurant located at JCUBE. 
the lady who ate too little, my minnie mouse!!~

Poor girl's gotten too skinny with all the stuf on her hands.. Literally hands.. her arms are scarily skinny, i am too afriad to stand near her, wouldnt want to risk breaking them.. 

We had chats, the heartfelt, tearful ones... i got a little too involve (as usual) and later apologize for not acting my role as a motivator. 

PAperstop was affirm with her thoughts, not letting my words hurt her too badly, eventually it all concluded that we both have to stay extremely positive about the road ahead.. 

Then we took a long walk from JCUBE back to our "cross-path" the same route we bid goodbye as we part ways to return to our living space.. It wouldnt be the same anymore once i move out... but i know the friendship between us isnt determin by the distance by the need for each other's opinion... Therefore, at the rate we consult each other for opinion, its very likely we'll be meeting very soon again =)
i took special effort to dress up this work week, digging thru my piles of clothing meant for work and eventually settling on the burnt orange corporate dress that Paperstop and i both owned.... 

However i refuse to turn up in the same attire with her ever, too much of contrast  with her far-too-tiny frame that it might burst my ego just standing besides her.. 
a shot of the failure me who did not wear heels despite dressing with the intention to... i am a failure in sky high shoes lah... bbbb will u marry me in Toms? haha
the same path took for the past 4 years, many times taking more than once as i travel to work, start my running routine, leave for bbbbb's place.... the view ahead is magnificent, if you look harder you will notice Chinese garden just right in front! 

This is the expensive piece of land that my cousin own.. haha.. she made a wise choice to pay for a unit here... you can imaging how the property value promotes with more and more people looking for houses in the vicinity... hers comes with a immediate view of Chinese garden, who can ask for more?

heehee.. im pretty sure her unit cost a moutain of Gold, if u are prepare to spent, try your luck buying a unit of the same along Jurong East road =)

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