Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In case you miss me - you haven miss much!

On top of finding it harder and harder to quit the exervise regime i have so determin set for myself (now stuck on trying really hard to cut some slack, but my mental isnt helping)

 i have backlog a lot of entries, and after speaking to a couple of friends decided to start the blogging habit again - over office lunch hour. 

The main mode of motivation comes from a gift from bbbbbbbbb --> Introducing a new toy.

That's right, the new Samsung EX1 is mine!!~ Whee... 

Its a gift from bbb for our 4th aniversary. I cannot believe we've spent this much time together already!!~ i've also mention times again how exciting the relationship seems to be as it ages.. i guess its not too inaccurate to say now that he MIGHT be the one afterall =)

My parents are urging us to tied the knot - nothing new in my opinion.. His family are pretty cool about how we are "dragging" things haha.. 

We've only just return from a trip to HK together with his Mum and sis, and i have lotsa of picture (780 pic in fact) to upload onto this space. 

What's left now is a laptop that allows me to blog day and night.. I have pass over my previuos laptop onto to Dad who is too keen to use the mouse.. I can see that he will treasure that laptop more than i can ever do. 

It's a gift from everyone on my 21st birthday. a compilation of ang pows and a choice seletcted i didnt regret. Except 4 years now and the laptop loses its initial function, the processor speed could no longer keep up with my multitasking and its Dad who will need a laptop more than i do now=)

So there are pretty much no plan in my mind now except to work on achieving impossible task, they include designing clothing with my no-experience hands and praying they will be sold on all market. i didnt use to have this much courage but now life is filled with so much hope that i had to be part of it. i hope to make impossible possible in no time.. then maybe i will look up to myself =)

So after some bits of my life here and there.. here's what happen last night, after running 2.6Km with Lilsis.. who insist she can do more (i usually finsih a 7.8Km)... 

and no motivation does a excellent job like Roti Prata can ever do, i woke up with guilt at breaking my own "no-supper" rule but thats the mischevious me in play.. i shall forgive myself and aim for a second run within the same week (shrugs) .. 

Wish me luck, and i am  back.. more regular than ever =)


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