Sunday, October 07, 2007

There is a new member in the house and i am feeling oh-so-lucky!!!!!

Tis lil shih-Tzu is a boy boy less than 5 months old

and he is the shyest puppy i've ever seen

he slps out the door of my bro n his gf's room.. boy so cute.. this morning the man n i pampered him wth Love early in the morning

Well.. he ignored me after a while

i sure hope HORI's tame remain for good.. THis name was given by Bro and gf after they've decided he can be so HORI-ble at times.. hahaha

The man told me we should get a mate for Hori and name it Teri, as in TERi-ble

haha/ the family are loving him, but he will only visit every weekend, most of the time he is at bro's gf place.

my greatest regard to Bro's gf who lost her Dad 3 days ago, thou we are not exactlyclose yet, Hori has succeeded in bonding us all closer. and my dad is so so so in love with Hori cos he sticks to him most of the time.

It took me a while to love him but now i am thinking of getting ALL puppies accessories i've always wanted to get for Hori.. (hmm.. i am thinking of customized puppies shoes.. )

As i am typing this, Hori's been into my room at least thrice, craving for a bit of attention, each time iagree to carry him, he just snug and runs off... soo soo cheeky

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