Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is mad chio, super norm, a trend that had started some time back, and lotsa others are doing the same, but who cares.


not much explanation needed, i knew nuts shit about Canon 450D anyway, but bbbbbbb promise to be patient and guide me step by step till i am a average photographer.

He has been on a few training over the years, had a portfolio date 1996, loads and loads of his huge ass grandfather-old lens and chrome, i saw this funny looking case with loads of photographers nonsence stuck at a corner of his room, den it brought back fond memories of those times he was so enthusiastic about photography, and before you can tell him more, WE ARE GETTING A CANON450D

It was a good deal and we are collecting it tmr, i promise to be fragile with it, take aimless photos, (swap with Pauline for her polaroid pic) and let bbbbb tk it back with him for 6 months, den join him in UK for more pic!!~
so pray God tht ICBS and BHP survive so we can cut down a load of $$$ on studios rental (not an issue with BHP since Benny has a great camera)

i cant wait!!~ bbbb and i are going shopping in town and here are our busy schedule till the day he flies.

oh did i mention i enjoy bumpping around his house, lazing on his sofa, chit-chatting with his mum and sisters and just disturbing him all day long?

bbbbb's gouty is long and he looks like a streetwalker, shall uploads pic and show u guys soon enuff~~


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