Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am not updating my entries, backdated several events that i wanna mark it down, yet it seems blogging just isnt the top on my priority.

I wanna earn enough money to spare some for CNY clothing. i wanna pay school fees and get it over and done with, i need to work harder on BlackHairpins and claim my share of profit now that we have some to spare Phyllis.

As for itchyybackside, the cake is now share among a few of us, good things is that Pau can get all the extra help she so needs, and she can do it at her free time, any time.

I wanna disappear from everyone who knows me during this period, enjoy a very short holiday with bbbbbbb............. no disturbance, nothing in mind. Den when he fly off, i wanna spend the last 6 months of being independant doing something fruitful.

I wanna move out of the house and settle down in a quiet place to prepare for the exam soon, i wanna score and not regret paying so much $$ for nuttin.

I wan to be known, in the money market, to assist people with what little knowledge about fashion i have, and seek their support to help me through this tough time in life.

There are soo many things i wan in life, and i am breaking them down slowly, disgesting them, applying them, making them happen....

bbbbbbbb says i change during this time he went away, its like the same Kristal with some added essence, i agree with him... i am the new Kristal = the same old Kristal with added essence..

i am not taking in details that prove useless in life, such comment that means sarcasm, are not taken seriously, although many times it irks me so much i wanna slap the person who said them cos they dunno how much it irritates me.

i can feel a transition i am undergoing again, the last time this feelings comes i went from a emo girl into a chirpy one.. lets pray hard this time its way better.


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