Thursday, December 17, 2009

So there was this day where Besties and i were hopping around town and off we went to ION Orchard, i can now profoundly annouce New Look is the best place to try on clothes, snap picture of each other and still feel good about it. These pictures were taken EONs ago but i was too lazy to blog about them. Sigh!!~ Looking at this pic makes me miss my side parting sooooooooo much, gimme back!!~

Here's Sharon all grown up, our 9th year of friendship and she is growing taller, skinnier and fairer... Most irritating of all, she cant seem to stop loving heels, so i feel like a dwarf each time i am out with her

Here's my hot favourite piece from New Look. Am loving Gems and glittery details on dress, especially spreading around the cheat area. The typical "V" shape form on the dress gives the body a slimmer contour, so despite the dress being balloon-bottom whatsoever, the empahsis remains on how glamourous once look.

If you may notce, i have brilliantly match this glittery top with my current beau- a Diamante gold pump from Pretty Fit. And i got it at a huge discount *CONTENTED*

i want those fringeless days to come back sooner..!!~

--------------------- ANOTHER DAY AT ION ORCHARD---------------------
A day out with Jann to pass her the clothes she bought from BlackHairpins as well we get some inspiration together for wat to wear this joyous Season.

First stop is Ion Orchard New Look, the new favourite of mine since the staff are superbly friendly and the changing room are so spacious.

Both of us chose things we usually wear, and do a swop. It more like exchanging clothes and style tips. i learnt that day denim shirt makes very good casual outfit. And to think of it carefully, denim shirt are probably the only stuff one could wear without attracting the HR's attention in terms of dress code.


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