Monday, December 21, 2009

I am in a serious dilemma, that of joy, yet filled with fear.
The clock is tickling too slow, yet i cannot complain, cos in a couple of hrs, i will be wishing it would tick slower.

My heart is beating twice as fast, yes i admit- i am scared.
I might sound so confident, but afterall, this is the first i can touch this imaginary image stuck on my mind for the past 6 month.

Running those finger through his stubby face, planting a sweet and soft kiss.
My mind is running wild, no sexual tots, so all of you please behave!~

We are gonna spend so much time together, making a closure to year 2009 a fruitful one, we will leave footprints on places in Singapore that we, as singaporean probably wont touch. He has requested i treat him like a tourist, so we will be camping out in the wild, alongside doing things i dreamt of doing since so long ago.

It is at this point that my senses woke up, alerting me times and times again the usual scent is returning, the homely scent he had on his collar bone. The same pair of hand that once took mine and since, never let go..

i m going on like a horror novel from King Stephen, but no,
this is a mix anxiety i had inside, the danger of him returning back too soon freak me out big time. As of now, i dun wish to carry too high hopes, cos afterall he will only be around for 2 weeks and i shouldnt be selfish and share this piece of delicious cake to those who wants it


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