Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I am on cloud 9!!!~

If it were not for the half day work today i probably wouldnt be blogging, bbbbb and i are spending REAL quality time together, and thanks to the tiny surprise we r now ore comfortable to spend a tad more moolahs to make december a really good month.

my colleagues were right about calling me "sticky", i could very well acknowledge myself as "super glue" now. Happy happy happy, i am so delighted, so fond of him all over again.

i begin to see LDR in a different light, i reckon if bbbbb and i had to experience LDR a few more times, it would be like dating a new guy all over again.

Let me now bring u back to the moment he step out of the arrival hall, as well as the bloopers that comes along.

so finally comes 22nd Dec 2009, the midpoint between desperation and happiness, bbbbb was finally returning for the period and i just couldnt pick myself up well enuff to uphold that dignity i had inside to put on a smile, give me a tight hug and proceed.

That night, Dad was surprisely excited, he had reminded me times and times agian to set off early so i wont miss the flight. I had checked on for the flight information and was aware of the flight delay due to the transition. Then came the call from his Buddy about his stalled car along the highway, all wasnt going well and i was in tears.

Dad offfered to send me to the airport and send bbbb back home but i decline, cos we all know how difficult it is for me and him to express our fondness in front of our parents.

Grab my luggage ( i was staying over at his place throughout his extend in Singapore) and a heavy laptop and tugging with all might to brisk walk to the nearest Station, finally board the train and fell into a deep sleep cos i was so exhausted from all the anxiety today. Regret to say bbbb flight arrive before i could make it, but that kind lad shop around the terminal and waited for me to arrive to do our formal meetup.

i finally reached the arrival hall and caught a glimpse of his back, waiting for his luggage and belonging, we chat a little on the phone and he turn his back, den i saw his frail body, lost so much weight, and his white teethy smile, sorry if any of you are disgusting by this post, but i stare at his smile for a while and my mind wander back to the times we just got together, he is definitely cuter now.

When we finally meet, i let go of my belonging and hugged him super tight, we spend the next 5 min of so talking while i was in his arms, he was finally back and no amount of embarressing can stop me from kissin him in public and saying stuff i was so restricted to say, bbbbbbbbb i miss you soooo much.... welcome back.

bbbbbb took out a very big teddy and passed it to me, Bertie (the name that was given to our teddy) had a passport SIMILAR to that in UK, he had a proper DOB, place of origin as well as some minor details, the bear was born the date bbbbb and i got together=)

bbbbbb also bought some gift for my friends who took care of me, the bottomline is i had ALOT of present, bbbb 's mummy bought me lots of stuff on her recent trip to Hong Kong too,.. i was a super happy girl. Towards the night bbbb finally pass me my BBB8520, fully protected with a "girly-pink" phone cover, it was also loaded with lotsa of my favourite music, some of the video i had commented was good to keep, some mp3 and a customise desktop background. bbbb had done up all things nice about the phone so all i really had to do was to use them!!!~

i felt this mad rush to stop work today and see bbbbbb at the entrance again, he had fetch me to work this morning, ran in the rain to get me Mac breakfast, we shall be heading for our rendevouz (haha.. more like a chalet abd BBQ) with the rest of his mates later, after bbbb collect his "earnings", we will also be heading down to town and bbbb shall finally visit ION orchard, 313 building, Orchard Central, Kallang Leisure Park, Marina Barrage and all things nice that he had miss this 6 months.

Till then, more updates with pic, love you all, and love my bbbbbb the most =)


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