Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bro's Solemnisation

One wedding dinner down, it was a super great night and yup, we have an official member now, Mrs Chng... Welcome..

I enjoyed the night, feel the importance, felt bro's joy, and needless to say this responsiblilty is mine now to take over.

Bro and sister-in-law talk to me about bbbbb tooo... most of my conversatio with everyone, i try to include him into the discussion, and invited bro to join me on my expedition to find bbbb during his graduation in 2010.

But my relationship is a complicated one and bbb never tot of marriage yet.
The bouquet was thrown, i deliberately refuse to accept the handover, cos this is a responsible too big to handle and i m not in the correct position to tk it yet.

I wish Bro and my new sister-in-law a happy marriage, and we look forward to having you with the family.

Bro says he is saving a place for his official wedding dinner for bbbbb, i hope he felt the joy too and realise how much he matters to me.. but not adding too much pressure to what he says i have already added on to him...

feeling down, could be the alcohol i drown myself into.... better log off...


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