Friday, December 04, 2009

Blog for 6 years now

6 years have past since i started blogging, with the help of "JeRk" whom first tot me how to login.

JeRk and i are now good friends that update each other on our lives every yearly.
I cant believe how self-infactuated i am back when i was 16, reading the entries, i could have luff my ass off ay my own silliness and also feel really embarress.
embarress i could actually assume i was that attractive and note down each and every time a guy was staring into me. I had entries that beg God to make me lose weight, and entries of how i wasnt able to wear that pair of size XL beach shorts. I was a very plump butch than, the kind that acts like a man but actually wanted to be pretty like her best friends.

it has since been a history, and i did eventually lose weight, even though not alot.

There was also entries on my desparation to escape May, which was the month i hated Read the entry here

i realise that guilt and anger hasnt actually subside.. but Grandma would have been less worried about me now, cos i have bb... and i
actually brought him to visit Grandma's tomb few months into our relationship..

i know reading those entries only reminds me wat a bad person i use to be, but one shoud always look forward, its from all this mistake that i learnt.

and i still miss you Grandma

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