Friday, October 29, 2010

The frustration

you know how it feels like to be slam in the phone by someone who's frustrated with you ?

i sure did, and not only was the victim of being hanged up, i was also the culprit to hang up on others...

but that feeling sucks... and just seconds ago i've gotten a slam phone call by a colleague who was frustrate i'ven pass him the document in advance when i;ve specifically draft a e-mail informing all informed party of the matter.

Like people, grow up! This is work.... you are paid - if not higher than lower- to do a job just like we were.

Does that gives u any right to slam the phone in their face when you are frustrated?


you realise the consequence of your harsh action?

  • truly awkward moments if you shall see the person you hang up on later
  • you cannot explain, if the conversation had been recorded for KPI purposes
  • you are a man who doesnt act like one and it has just been proven
  • your arm is aching from the slamming
  • the phone might spoil
  • and you might NEVER pick up another courage to call up the same person asking her for the next major production ever again.

but i have nothing to lose... i was just a vulnerable woman who had learn the true colours behind your friendly front..

In fact, you are actually an old creature filled with grudges when you put on your fake smile.

And after i finish penning this thoughts on my blog.. i am just gonna print the documents you need and walk right to your table and place it nicely on top...

you will feel the shame... wont you? A man age of 30 behaving worst than a young lady who's temporarily taking over the duty of her very pregnant manager.

How is everyone going to think of you.... gee i wont know....

but i knwo how everyone will think of me now...

i am a forgiving young lady who shows wont put hard feelings at work, who merely did everything she could to save the awkward situation created by you and move on with life.

shame on you! i hope you are regretting your action now.....

cos i feel rather sorry for you......... boo!~


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