Monday, October 04, 2010

due to some problem with facebook, i am unable to upload any photo from there to my blog and thus the long hiatus!~

i have been spending my everyday pretty much the same, now that school's started i've been spending lesser and lesser time with everyone.


i realise i seem to disappear for a long period of time before returning, and i have to thank friends who have shown the utmost support and still treat me like i exist during this period. Its' not easy juggling so many thing all at once and i wont admit i am busy cos i wasnt, i was just taking my pace slower in life and appreciating things bit by bit.

truth to be told, those who matter to me or whom i matter to them- they reappear once again and keep their smile and tell me they still care.

ought to feel guilty about my disappearance, but i;ve got my explanation

  • i am graduating in matters of 6 months, juggling with 5 modules this sem, which is the most one could possibly handle in a sem, its pass-and-grad or a fail-and-repeat period thus i am giving more than i use to for school this time

  • my bf is back! NOt like I haven mention it already, but because i am dead-serious (ar-hem!) about this relationship, (that kind that you daydream all day about marrying). i've decided to divert most of my balance attention to that fine man that is also working real hard for our future (besides my digressing that all he ever state was for me to learn how to choose a stove before he agrees to marry me)

  • i am saving an important friendship - namely that of me and my dearest cuz, and SiAhPau, whom - after a trash talk- i admit i wasnt trying hard enough

  • Paperstop is leaving for oversea soon and i wanna spend some time with a friend whom i made within a short period of time but have since came a long way

  • I wanna set aside some time chilling at Denise place and playing with her clothes, just like the good old days

  • i wanna start on the scrapbook i've bought so much material for

  • i wanna work on bringin Sharon darling back into the picture

  • i wanna save enough for another holiday soon - just got news about 3 days leave i SHOULD be applying for next month

and apart from all of this, i really want a bad tann soon! Like who can stand my fair skin - not me! *and it sucks to stare downward and realise i shine under the sun cos i am just too fair!

wanna share some events over the weekend that got me upset by a tiny bit but dont think its a right time to be talking about it. perhaps in my next post?

hope i can finish up the Man u visit soon enough so i can share pictures of bbbbbb's nieces- 2 extremely adorable mix-blood babies that i so adore over my stay in Birmingham. And as soon as i am done with my UK post i can finally load picture of some photo session with Paperstop taken at Vivo in my rather-high heels.. haha..

*Is anyone keen on being photograph? haha.. i wanna make use of the camera and practice on my skill!


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