Thursday, October 28, 2010


Workplace officially banned Facebook yesterday so i am here now all pathetic and pictureless... there is soooooooooooooooooooooo much photo to share.... wish i could open facebook from another acct outside workplace. Just like how NYP-IT use to banned friendster, and a very magnificent Mark-Zuckerburg-inspired guy decide to set-up a website that is link directly to his desktop at home.

Since no LAN/IP address is detected through our access to his personal desktop, for the longest time we were the only few who could access Friendster. But not too long later everyone was accessing his desktop from school and it soon quietly crashes... haha... all the IT-geeks at school back then....

i guess i shall have to load pix from my phoney at the moment till i figure a way out.

Some pictures back from the day before, when Paper and i hang out after our dance practice at work- we are preparing for an ensemble for the year-end annual company DnD.

we've decided to bring ourselves back to the past, when pictures looks like they's been soak in Lipton for far too long/////

sorry for the lack of description and pictures flooded post.....

to summarize, we went to Jurong Point, which was the nearest mall to our house (Paper and i live about 3 blocks away from each other- 2 bus stops to be exact)..... we had initially plan to settle dinner/ shop at Cityplaza, and soon drifted to Bugis.... but by the time dance ends, we can only make do with Jurong Point...

Simply put- please drive me around Paper- as soon as you pay for the damage you;ve done to the car...... oh.. and ask for extra seatbelt, i am quite uncomfortable being your passenger after your recent bloopers!

So after i bought a dress- thanks to the SUPER persuasive salesgirl + Paper bought 2 dresses! we settle dinner at our common likable place- Lai Lai Beef Noodle..

I dunt eat beef...... and Paper is too skinny to eat even 1/4 of it... i had to admit it wasnt value for mone.y.. the amount of food we waste after each meetup is just a shame!

more pic during/before/after dinner...

and here's the place we got our dress.. thumbs up to the salesgirl for her persuasiveness.... i find it hard for anyone to leave the store without purchasing....

Kristal's outfit
- Dress from Uncle Freddy's back in 2009
- Stripe peektoe pumps
- belt is 3 for S$10 from Bugis Street
- watch from Sovil Titus
- bag is single-tone Longchamp
- wallet on hand from Bally

Paper's Outfit
dress from ____________
- Shoe from Jurong Point- random
- pearl necklace
- bag from Prada...


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