Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In the office at this instant with a very nice top i got from BonitoChico some time back..... what do you think?

am so gonna get bbbbbbbbb to tk a picture of my entire dressup today =) we are heading to Defu Lane for Dinner tonight with his family to celebrate bbbbbb's birthday which is this sunday.. and i am so excited!

Backtrack to last saturday when bbbbbbbbb brought me, his sis and mum to MBS.. after my very intentional (teeheehee.. ) comment on facebook complaining he attend meeting at MBS on weekly basis but never once there to enjoy with his gf...

tthanks bbbbbbbbb

we drove to Shaw House and took bus from the to MBS (cheapo ppl saving on carpark fee can?)
i worn my new top from NEW LOOK which i bought recently at a SUPER-SLASH price of $6 freakign dollar..... thou a little loose........ i am not regretting it a single bit...

GRRRRRRRRRRR.hate my eyebrows..... =(

ahahaha... my eye are popping out in no time!

and skipping all the other picture we took at MBS cos it was bbbbbbbbb's SLR, we jump right to the point i got so excited cos bbbbbbbbbb bought himself a new wallet..

the man attending to us told me the Burberry bag i am carrying is of the latest season.. and bbb's wallet print are last season febuary collection... but since the print looks better on bbbbbbbbb we got them anyhow....

we also like the belt but bbbbbbb;s someone who dislikes wearing belt so we'll stick to his Ted baker's for now..
*omg i sound like a super irritating idiotic bitch that shows off.. wahahha.. but today i am in the mood......!

There was also this performance inside MBS, really good show... but i didnt catch them all before bbb signal us to leave=(

super short post to make you hate me for being a bitch who shows off... hahaha....
now will Viv and Pau pls meet me up soon and slap me in the face and tell me i am just unlikable?


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